MINIMUM  1      2    3  ((  4   5   ))

Chooses whether limits will be placed on the results. If you select the checkbox [2], then the limits in [1] and [3] are active.

 1 and 3  Determines what type of limits are placed on the results, and how strict to set those limits. By default, this is FREQUENCY.
-- If you select FREQUENCY and put 10 in field [3], then only those strings that occur ten times or more will be shown.
-- If you select MUTUAL INFORMATION and put something like [2.0] or [3.0] in field [3], then this will help to get rid of the high frequency "noise words" like the, of, is, etc.

 4-5  Extra frequency limits that appear when you are comparing two sections of the corpus. [3] is the frequency limit for Section 1 and [4] is the limit for Section 2, and [2] and [5] determine whether these limits are active.