In May 2016 we released a new interface for the BYU corpora. The following are some suggestions to help you get used to the new interface.

1. If you are getting error messages or if things just don't seem to be working correctly, reload the corpus (click on the web address in the location bar of the browser and press Return). If that doesn't work, close the browser and start over. Please remember that in Chrome, you sometimes need to wait 3-4 minutes before starting the browser again, in order for it to completely start over.

2. Make sure that you use the new help files, which appear to the right of the search form (or in the right-most tab, on a mobile phone).

3. If you continue to get error messages, there really might be something wrong with the interface. We've tried to get everything working OK, but sometime there are still bugs. Please follow the instructions at the normal help page when you contact us.

4. "Known issues" (i.e. problems that we hope to fix soon) are listed below. Please look at this before sending us an email about a problem.

5. Remember that at least for the next year or two, you can still use the old interface if you need or want to. Just add /old to the web address. For example: new/regular, old. Please note that new features, such as virtual corpora, are not available with the old interface.

6. You can use the old search syntax (e.g. green [nn*]) or the new syntax (e.g. green NOUN, or green N, or green _n). Click on LIST in the SEARCH form to see the instructions.

We hope that you find the new interface useful for your research, teaching, and learning.

Known issues

(If this concerns something that was working fine in the old interface, you might want to keep using the old interface (see #5 above) until it is implemented in the new interface.

1. Side-by-side comparisons between corpora work fine, except for CHART displays.