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You can decide how the entries in the Keyword in Context (KWIC) display are sorted, when you select ALPHABETICAL sorting. If you don't select anything, it will default to the three words to the right.

 1  Sorts the entries by the three words to the left of the "node word(s)" (i.e. what is in the WORD(S) field of the search form).
 2  Sorts the entries by the three words to the right of the node words.
 3  You choose up to three "slots" to sort by. This can include the "node word" column, when you have different words in that slot.
 4  Re-set the sorting options.

Note that clicking [SUBMIT] the search form will provide a new set of results, whereas clicking on [RE-SORT] in the KWIC window uses the same "results", but just re-sorts them in a new order.

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