1 1995 SPOK CBS_Morning . TORMAN : And if you 're  smoking  ,  it  's    kind  of    a   bad   result   .  SMITH : Ooh , my platelets are
2 1990 SPOK ABC_Nightline kind of feel a little cheated right  now  .  This  is    kind  of    a   bad   way   to  go out . Prof. KRAUT : There
3 2006 FIC FantasySciFi he could sell yours too , except  you  ran  into  some    kind  of    a   block   .   "  The double lie acted on U like
4 2000 SPOK CNN_Novak -- he says that 's not personal  .  So  that  's    kind  of    a   broad   definition   HUNT  I hope you do n't take that
5 1995 SPOK CBS_Morning this is , believe it or not  ,  15  years  later    kind  of    a   catharsis   for   me  to be able to share this with
6 2001 NEWS Chicago 'd rather look to the future .  And  this  show  is    kind  of    a   celebration   of   my  past and it 's a beautiful way
7 1990 SPOK PBS_Newshour it 's not the job of the  international  community  .  That    kind  of    a   coalition   in   the  region will check Saddam , create some
8 1993 SPOK Ind_Geraldo , bills , loneliness -- I mean  ,  is  Johnny  a    kind  of    a   compromise   ?   You  know , a bird in the hand
9 1991 SPOK CNN_Moneyline people who would lose their jobs ,  but  even  effecting  that    kind  of    a   consolidation   is   a  very difficult management task , but I
10 1997 SPOK CBS_SatMorn we 're putting a crust on the  salmon  .  It  's    kind  of    a   contemporary   way   of  incorporating some corn . MOLINARI :
11 1991 SPOK PBS_Newshour , as I recall , and arrogance  does  arise  in  that    kind  of    a   control   .   MS-WOODRUFF  : So you 're saying the Democrats
12 1995 NEWS Denver views on charter schools give us a  good  clue  to  what    kind  of    a   council   member   she  would be . Do your readers agree
13 2003 SPOK CNN_Cooper talked about it like a Mike Tyson  punch  .  This  is    kind  of    a   counterpunch   .   This  is the back end of the hurricane
14 1992 SPOK CNN_Crossfire just do n't think George Bush is  going  to  make  that    kind  of    a   decision   .   George  Bush is a status quo man .
15 1999 NEWS Denver respected that . " # Loiselle says  moving  to  Denver  was    kind  of    a   dream   for   the  young couple . They found the house
16 1995 SPOK NPR_ATC a baseball player and I became a  fan  and  I  'm    kind  of    a   fanatic   fan   and  it was an obvious thing to look
17 2001 SPOK NPR_TalkNation , the newspapers -- were in Arabic  ,  so  it  was    kind  of    a   forced   isolationism   within  a different culture . And it was
18 1999 FIC Bk:RumDiary suddenly hit his brakes . Just ahead  of  us  was  some    kind  of    a   gang-fight   ,   a  shouting mob , trying to enter an
19 2002 SPOK CNN_LiveSat online for an hour at noon ...  WHITFIELD  :  That  's    kind  of    a   goodbye   chat   ?  LINDBERG : ... yes it is .
20 1997 SPOK CBS_Sixty say that they 're almost semipros ?  They  're  having  that    kind  of    a   grueling   sched   ...  Mr-GIBBONS : I do n't think you
21 2002 SPOK NPR_Sunday the town that I was sort of  this  lightweight  ,  family-fare    kind  of    a   guy   ,   and  I knew what I was capable of
22 1997 SPOK CBS_Morning do n't think -- Mark , we  're  just  not  that    kind  of    a   guy   .   McEWEN  : No , we 're not .
23 2001 SPOK NPR_Saturday I enjoy that . I just enjoy  the  whole  thing  --    kind  of    a   hobby   ,   I  guess . SIMON : And so you
24 2004 SPOK PBS_Newshour did they really think , do you  think  ,  that  this    kind  of    a   hostage   taking   would  lead to that ? YOAV-KARNY : To
25 2006 SPOK NBC_Today calmed it down a little bit .  BALTHAZAR  :  This  was    kind  of    a   lark   for   you  , but was it even , as
26 1997 SPOK CNN_Burden he was practicing law and you were  practicing  law  .  What    kind  of    a   lawyer   was   he  ? # GARMENT : Oh , he
27 2009 SPOK Fox_Susteren years out , projecting it 50 years  out  ,  it  is    kind  of    a   leap   of   faith  . And the lawmakers are sort of
28 1995 SPOK NPR_Weekend sight of the fact that there does  seem  to  be  some    kind  of    a   link   to   events  that unfolded a couple years ago in
29 1998 SPOK ABC_GMA Good morning . KEVIN NEWMAN : I  understand  that  Georges  is    kind  of    a   little   bit   weaker  . It 's only about 75-mile-an-hour winds
30 2006 SPOK NPR_TalkNation it wasn ? t a sacrifice for  me  .  It  was    kind  of    a   luxury   already   ,  and it ? s something I really
31 2006 SPOK NPR_Saturday agenda and different path . And they  believe  that  they  have    kind  of    a   mandate   from   the  Palestinian people to take a different tack
32 2006 SPOK NPR_FreshAir about what the purpose of Transom is.  Mr-ALLISON  :  It  's    kind  of    a   master   class   and  a workshop and an audition stage ,
33 2004 SPOK NBC_Dateline the other adults in his life looked  at  him  as  some    kind  of    a   monster   .   FRATANGELO  : (Voiceover) Finally , the
34 2008 SPOK NPR_NewsNotes stands , sustainable or will we have  to  move  to  some    kind  of    a   national   primary   if  every state just says I want to
35 2000 SPOK NPR_TalkNation -- he was showing the bomb as  if  it  were  a    kind  of    a   nuclear   reactor   ,  which is what Heisenberg had always said
36 2005 SPOK CNN_YourWorld 1988 . He was the first evangelical  leader  to  make  that    kind  of    a   political   statement   to  show his impact in politics . But
37 1990 SPOK ABC_Nightline He has , he 's made it  .  Today  was  a-    kind  of    a   presidential   imprimatur   on-  not on Watergate , not on
38 2010 SPOK ABC_GMA , it 's a cool song ,  it  's  what  's    kind  of    a   preview   of   what  's to come with the album .
39 2009 SPOK CNN_Showbiz . Kate Gosselin confirms that she and  Jon  Gosselin  had  some    kind  of    a   private   meeting   with  Dr. Phil and his wife , Robin
40 2001 SPOK CNN_KingWknd day after your show ? DION :  Actually  ,  it  's    kind  of    a   private   show   ,  Larry , for friends , so they
41 1991 SPOK CNN_NewsSat . I try to think that we  do  n't  have  this    kind  of    a   problem   in   America  that 's racially motivated and that even
42 1990 SPOK ABC_Nightline President Bush , to ask him to  help  us  develop  some    kind  of    a   program   to   deal  with the mass anxiety that these kinds
43 2005 SPOK NPR_Science difficult procedure on peer reviewers and  editors  .  It  's    kind  of    a   public   advertisement   that  the scientific community
44 2005 FIC Analog have you been doing here , all  these  years  ?  What    kind  of    a   Resistance   is   this  ? You 're supposed to be an
45 2008 SPOK NPR_TalkNation . Some people joined for different reasons  and  I  joined  as    kind  of    a   response   to   9/11  , and now these new guys do
46 2009 SPOK CBS_Early -- of how much you should be  spending  .  HARRY-SMITH  :    Kind  of    a   road   map   for  -- for -- for tomorrow if you
47 2006 SPOK MSNBC_Carlson I mean what 's your goal ?  MACDONALD  :  It  's    kind  of    a   secret   ,   so  I wo n't let you in onto
48 1995 SPOK Ind_Geraldo to marry a man who admittedly has  been  playing  the  --    kind  of    a   sexual   roulette   .  He 's not quite sure where the
49 2006 FIC NewEnglandRev one and his , uh-the latest wife  .  For  dinner  .    Kind  of    a   shocker   ,   though  , is n't it ? Which is
50 1996 SPOK Ind_Geraldo it 's pretty much over . '  And  so  that  was    kind  of    a   shocking   ...   RIVERA  : What was your response ?
51 1995 SPOK NPR_ATC that the clock wants to go .  I  guess  it  's    kind  of    a   simple   way   to  put it , whereas the opposite direction
52 2008 SPOK NPR_TellMore Braga is a good example . I  mean  ,  it  was    kind  of    a   sophisticated   sultriness   ,  and in fact , the sultriness from
53 2010 SPOK NPR_TalkNat guys who are drunk , you know  .  So  it  's    kind  of    a   spectrum   and   a  continuum , and the folks , if
54 2010 SPOK ABC_20/20 having been found in the church .  She  has  undergone  some    kind  of    a   spiritual   awakening   that  has caused her to try to do
55 1997 SPOK NPR_Morning pay a little bit more for that  .  And  it  was    kind  of    a   status   deal   .  So , I think this is just
56 1993 SPOK CBS_Morning of rational men just were really hoodwinked  by  --  by  a    kind  of    a   Svengali   .   Dick  , what do you think ? Mr-DeGUERIN
57 2000 SPOK CNN_SunMorn . Michigan , a much bigger state  ,  has  always  been    kind  of    a   swing   state   that  goes back and forth between Republicans and
58 1994 SPOK CBS_FaceNation me , that the Democrats would be  willing  to  entertain  some    kind  of    a   tax   cut   ,  if you can find ways and some
59 1996 SPOK CNN_News to that question . I think that  there  may  be  some    kind  of    a   ventilation   system   ,  but I would n't swear to it
60 2001 SPOK NPR_Saturday . And I think it just shows  that  --  America  's    kind  of    a   very   materialistic   culture  , and this whole event got us
61 2004 SPOK NPR_Saturday all ski lifts need to be inspected  .  And  he  was    kind  of    a   very   private   man  and did n't want the state coming
62 1997 SPOK CNN_Burden were in contradiction with one another .  It  was  a  very    kind  of    a   weird   fun-house-type   of  contradiction so that he -- he was
63 1998 MAG Redbook " Well , " he began hesitantly  ,  "  We  had    kind  of    a   whirlwind   schedule   ,  lots of meetings- " " Who 's
64 2004 SPOK CNN_Event from the transformers in the darkens here  .  And  it  's    kind  of    a   --   it   's  a very eerie night , everything is
65 2007 SPOK CNN_Cooper almost every day , so that this  is  --  this  is    kind  of    a   --   just   --  just covering all the bases . We
66 1993 SPOK Ind_Geraldo you a hard-core user , or were  you  more  of  a    kind  of    a   ...   CAROL   :  I was ... RIVERA : ... a
67 2006 SPOK NPR_Morning ; so if somebody else wins ,  it  must  be  some    kind  of    aberration   .   Oh   well  , the U.S. Ryder Cup team starts
68 2008 SPOK NPR_NewsNotes , some kind of abstract figure from  Washington  ,  or  some    kind  of    abstract   figure   ,   you  know , as a Second World War
69 2007 SPOK NPR_TalkNation 'll ratchet it up a step .  And  would  use  some    kind  of    accelerant   ,   gas   or  , you know , stuff that -
70 1992 ACAD SchoolPsych training program , the type of  degrees  offered  and  the    kind  of    accreditation   received   by   the  program , and the number of
71 1997 ACAD MusicEduc 's conviction that true music learning  occurs  only  with  the    kind  of    active   music   making   made  possible by musical literacy , the
72 2004 ACAD Hemisphere on equity and justice concerns . The  nature  of  this  particular    kind  of    activism   is   designed   to  create significant shifts in public
73 2005 SPOK CNN_SunMorn with the very latest on that .  And  Jennifer  ,  what    kind  of    activity   is   taking   place  right now ? JENNIFER ECCLESTON , CNN
74 1990 SPOK PBS_Newshour Unhappily , it is not that simple  and  war  is  a    kind  of    activity   that   one   should  be very cautious about getting into .
75 2004 MAG Backpacker my grandfather , she scolded me ,  told  me  that  that    kind  of    activity   would   n't   get  me far in life . " Pricked
76 1996 SPOK ABC_Brinkley names of candidates , so we 've  never  engaged  in  that    kind  of    activity   ,   and   we  're certainly not doing it now .
77 2009 NEWS CSMonitor television a day , and every moment  was  filled  with  some    kind  of    activity   -   playing   soccer  with friends , reading a book ,
78 1999 SPOK NPR_TalkNation on , then he would n't have  engaged  in  that  particular    kind  of    activity   .   But   at  the same time , let 's not
79 2001 ACAD Re:View tactile exploration , to a motor movement  ,  to  a  listening    kind  of    activity   .   These   suggestions  are all attempts to break their
80 2010 SPOK NPR_TellMore just saying that it 's not really  a  place  for  that    kind  of    actress   in   Hollywood   ,  right now . Mr-IFTIKHAR : Dude ,
81 2001 SPOK NPR_Sunday are they ? What to do with  them  ?  And  what    kind  of    acts   or   action   ?  That -- and this is also ,
82 1998 SPOK NPR_Weekly 'll always know where the thimble is  .  So  that  same    kind  of    acuity   ,   I   think  it calls upon the artist to be
83 1992 NEWS WashingtonPost . " # Duvall shrugged . "  So  all  these  things    kind  of    added   up   .   "  # Pas de Deux Gus , his
84 1995 SPOK NPR_ATC ? JAMIE TSAO : I felt responsible  ,  somehow  ,  to    kind  of    address   what   happened   .  Because what happened two months ago I
85 2007 FIC Bk:LoveAva out to be the wrong kind of  excitement  .  The  wrong    kind  of    adventure   .   "   He  arched an eyebrow . " Where she
86 1991 SPOK ABC_Nightline . I 'd like to hear from  each  of  you  what    kind  of    advice   you   would   have  them carry to the Japanese . We
87 2002 SPOK NPR_FreshAir do n't think -- I mean ,  ABC  people  were  always    kind  of    afraid   to   talk   to  me . So I do n't --
88 2009 FIC Bk:PatientZero # " So , tell me honestly  ,  is  that  the    kind  of    agent   you   want   to  be ? " # " If this
89 1992 SPOK Ind_Geraldo -- what Liz said ? Mrs-MASTERS-KING :  You  know  ,  I    kind  of    agree   with   her   .  And , in fact , I know
90 2007 MAG Atlantic School case study-that with all of  these  advantages  ,  his    kind  of    air-conditioning   can   make   both  the electric and the
91 2003 ACAD Adolescence I 'd like to , and being  at  school  you  're    kind  of    all   here   together   and  you can see everybody and that 's
92 2010 NEWS NYT One of the criticisms we heard was  that  we  were  just    kind  of    all   over   the   place  and it was difficult to find us
93 2002 SPOK CNN_Chung Nobody really has been able to ask  him  .  We  just    kind  of    all   speculate   about   it  . And nobody , frankly , knows
94 2010 NEWS Denver It was emotional , " Rickli said  .  "  It  's    kind  of    all   starting   to   hit  me , and I 'm starting to
95 1996 MAG MensHealth going to make love to me later  that  night  .  That    kind  of    all-day   foreplay   makes   my  whole body tingle with
96 2002 SPOK NPR_Morning think that 's one of the things  art  does  ,  is    kind  of    allows   you   to   organize  something that 's not organizable.
97 1995 FIC KenyonRev vanished understand color and fragrances  and  textures  like  a    kind  of    alphabet   .   The   intricacies  of geography become trivial . You
98 1998 NEWS Houston the flip side , Karl Malone said  :  "  It  's    kind  of    amazing   because   just   about  a month ago , everybody wanted to
99 2005 SPOK CNN_CapGang , helping hand ? CHINOY : Well  ,  it  's  been    kind  of    ambiguous   .   On   the  one hand , the U.S. has had
100 2003 SPOK NPR_Saturday are asked about the president 's tax  cut  ,  it  's    kind  of    ambivalent   .   The   latest  Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll , 43
101 1993 MAG Atlantic , at Capitan , is a lovely  state  park  honoring  another    kind  of    American   folk   hero   ,  Smokey Bear , who is now celebrating
102 1994 SPOK ABC_Nightline air . At the same time ,  there  may  be  some    kind  of    amphibious   or   helicopter   assault  to secure the U.S. embassy ,
103 2000 SPOK CNN_SatMorn you who do n't know what cookies  are  ,  it  's    kind  of    an   electronic   trail   of  bread crumbs that allows Internet
104 1999 SPOK NPR_ATC somehow drawing inspiration from this person .  LYDEN  :  It  's    kind  of    an   elegy   then   ,  singing this song in some ways to
105 1993 SPOK CBS_FaceNation suggesting Mr. Rostenkowski might  be  involved  in  some    kind  of    an   embezzlement   scheme   --  this demand by the Republicans to
106 2006 SPOK PBS_Tavis the Midwest and he had a Midwestern  ethic  .  There  's    kind  of    an   ethic   about   a  guy from the Midwest that I got
107 2003 SPOK CNN_KingWknd . LaToya Jackson tomorrow night . And  on  Thursday  night  ,    kind  of    an   exclusive   ,   Senator  Robert Byrd , who rarely sits down
108 1994 SPOK ABC_Nightline some of the states to the east  ,  which  would  be    kind  of    an   insurance   policy   that  you could cash in if things went
109 2004 SPOK ABC_GMA That 's right . Yeah .  DIANE-SAWYER-#  (Off-Camera)  It  's    kind  of    an   interview   .   TOM-CRUISE-#  I 'm interviewing him here .
110 1998 SPOK CNN_Politics this morning was that this is an  agency  where  it  's    kind  of    an   ol   '   boys  network , I guess although it 's
111 1992 SPOK CNN_Crossfire Good politics , Mike . Kevin Phillips  ,  you  're  the    kind  of    analyst   Ross   Perot   loves  . You come here , Vice President
112 1991 SPOK CNN_King - it was hard to be angry  .  But  I  was    kind  of    angry   .   Everybody   kept  telling me , ' Oh , you
113 1990 SPOK PBS_Newshour and we approved a resolution , which  of  course  condemned  this    kind  of    anti-humanitarian   action   by   the  Iraqi leader . MR-LEHRER :
114 1990 SPOK CNN_NewsSat to let the American people know where  we  stand  and  the    kind  of    anxiety   that   's   taking  place . But I 'm really not
115 1994 SPOK CBS_48Hours . (Footage-of-a-schoo) SIOBHAN : (Voiceover  )  I  think  we    kind  of    appreciate   each   other   's  culture . He may not be able
116 1993 SPOK NPR_Morning up the levees , so they gambled  and  lost  LYDEN  That    kind  of    argument   will   no   doubt  be sorted out later . Everyone here
117 1998 SPOK CBS_Special you feel like you were ever in  danger  ?  You  were    kind  of    around   the   corner   and  up some stairs . Did you feel
118 2009 NEWS USA sell only a few hundred , they  'll  keep  them  here    kind  of    as   a   test   fleet  . And for positive PR . "
119 2006 SPOK CNN_Cooper the intersections , the -- the business  of  the  streets  ,    kind  of    as   cover   ,   as  camouflage , to perform their -- their
120 2003 SPOK CNN_Q&A too early ? GOHEL : Well ,  I  think  that  any    kind  of    assessment   that   al   Qaeda  is on the run or that the
121 2008 SPOK Fox_Hume n't happen again . So at the  slightest  inclination  of  any    kind  of    attack   like   this   ,  look for the McCain truth squad to
122 2003 SPOK NPR_ATCW a lot of NBA teams would be  happy  to  have  that    kind  of    attendance   --   showed   up  for a final game that was just
123 2001 SPOK CBS_Morning you know , we do n't have  anybody  who  pays  that    kind  of    attention   .   We   kind  of have a roughness to our romances
124 1996 ACAD CanadaLaw feet tall walking out of there .   #  Now  ,  what    kind  of    attitude   do   you   think  that gave me the next time we
125 2006 SPOK PBS_Tavis to go to that place and create  that  character  with  that    kind  of    authenticity   ,   is   another  great feat . I 'm proud of
126 2004 SPOK NPR_FreshAir -- I 've never been a very  proactive  person  .  I    kind  of    backed   into   filmmaking   .  A lot of the shots in my
127 1996 SPOK Ind_Geraldo , you did it , ' whatnot  .  Well  ,  they    kind  of    backed   off   of   that  . They just said Well , might
128 1997 FIC Analog scattered concentrations of  wiring  interconnections  ,  some    kind  of    balance   among   the   parallel  worlds was upset . Things got
129 1991 FIC Bk:UnderBeetles . ' She was outgoing . I  was  shy  .  We    kind  of    balanced   each   other   .  Long ago I gave up the hope
130 1990 FIC SouthernRev to say hello to Angie . The  Wagon  Wheel  was  the    kind  of    bar   I   imagined   existed  in every town , a place off-limits
131 2004 SPOK NPR_Sunday one is daily , standard . And  this  is  a  good    kind  of    baseball   hit   .   HANSEN  : A good kind of baseball hit
132 1999 NEWS WashingtonPost so bad . # I 'm not  saying  I  like  this    kind  of    basketball   ,   where   scores  are under 90 most of the time
133 2010 SPOK CNN_Cooper determining where the greatest needs are  .  Everything  seems  to    kind  of    be   impromptu   .   They  're trying to get things organized but
134 2007 MAG USNWR happens or happened there , others are  hallowed  by  a  particular    kind  of    beauty   ,   often   quite  simple , that lifts up your mind
135 2004 SPOK CBS_Morning of grew into it , you know  ?  You  --  you    kind  of    become   a   name   ,  you know ? Like I wonder if
136 2003 SPOK NPR_Science platforms of the past , now  the  individual  soldiers  are    kind  of    becoming   F-16s   on   legs  . FLATOW : So they 're going
137 1999 SPOK NBC_Dateline so . I 've helped ... MANKIEWICZ  :  Because  they  look    kind  of    beyond   help   at   some  time . Mr-ROBERTSON : Good morning ,
138 2004 ACAD SchoolCounsel towards the student and her family .  Other  examples  of  this    kind  of    bias   were   shared   and  many suggestions were made about how that
139 1994 FIC LiteraryRev age , thin , with short hair  .  Her  nose  was    kind  of    big   but   her   lively  , slanting eyes , joyous and enticing
140 2001 SPOK NPR_ATC testimony of two of his co-defendants ,  as  well  as  a    kind  of    bigger   issue   which   has  to do with the question of the
141 1993 SPOK ABC_20/20 run in some families , or that  they  may  involve  some    kind  of    biological   imbalance   .   Ms.  ROSS : Somebody who is
142 1991 SPOK ABC_Brinkley say the economy 's in trouble -  that  we  'll  the    kind  of    bipartisan   action   that   we  really need to get the economy going
143 2005 FIC Bk:BloodchildOther good and necessary thing Tlic and Terran  did  together  -  a    kind  of    birth   .   I   had  believed it until now . I knew
144 1992 ACAD TheologStud . . in which I saw him  assign  to  us  no    kind  of    blame   "   (   45:257  ) . For God , humans are
145 2005 ACAD EnvironHealth with them ahead of time , then  you  get  caught  -    kind  of    blindsided   by   it   ;  normally the slant is going to be
146 2008 SPOK NPR_TalkNation able to see the world that way  before  anyone  else  was    kind  of    blows   my   mind   .  And he was so passionate about it
147 2009 MAG Esquire how can you select a Miles Davissup3  record  and  not  pick    Kind  of    Blue   ?   Of   all  the Hendrix records , studio and live
148 2001 FIC Analog Moments earlier , he thought , she  had  been  wearing  a    kind  of    body-stocking   .   No   ,  that had been Jessica , and it
149 2007 NEWS NewYorkTimes Glass proceeds hypnotically , giving first bad  news  --  "  she    kind  of    bombed   "   --   only  to smoothly convert the insult into something
150 2009 FIC Analog Science Fiction & Fact Alice . It might be risky ,  but  he  needed  some    kind  of    bond   with   her   ,  something he could build on . Kissing
151 2000 FIC Femspec kind of carried away . # DOUG   #  Our  life  is    kind  of    boring   ,   huh   .  # JANNA # Forget it . #
152 1993 SPOK PBS_Newshour , but somebody getting a new mortgage  has  already  gotten  that    kind  of    break   just   from   the  reaction to President Clinton 's bold plan
153 2007 ACAD InstrPsych some Indian community in this area ,  maybe  the  university  can    kind  of    bridge   the   student   from  in that area ethnic group to the
154 2001 SPOK NBC_Dateline time , blown out of proportion .  MANKIEWICZ  :  And  you    kind  of    bring   them   back   to  earth . Judge SHEINDLIN : And I
155 2008 NEWS Houston the engagement . # I was looking  to  heal  the  worst    kind  of    broken   heart   -   the  one caused by a female friend .
156 2009 ACAD Commentary economists today believe the United  States  could  tolerate  the    kind  of    budget   deficits   that   developed  during World War II , which ran
157 1991 NEWS CSMonitor - they outnumber whites and blacks combined  -  acts  as  a    kind  of    buffer   that   makes   this  the least racially tense city in South
158 2008 SPOK PBS_Newshour you know , where do you --  you  know  ,  what    kind  of    burden   do   you   impose  here on somebody whos making that claim
159 1991 FIC BkSF:Mailman " Doug glanced around the crowded office  .  "  It  's    kind  of    busy   in   here   .  Is there someplace we can talk that
160 2002 SPOK ABC_GMA . ' So I think it 's  --  it  's  a    kind  of    calculated   gamble   on   their  part . WOODRUFF : And did they
161 2004 NEWS NewYorkTimes # So many years in such close  quarters  have  produced  the    kind  of    camaraderie   you   might   expect  to find on a submarine . The
162 1999 NEWS WashingtonPost . The structure must be compatible with  the  candidate  and  the    kind  of    campaign   he   is   running  . Thus one campaign 's chairman is
163 1995 FIC ParisRev Indians ate what they loved . She  said  it  was  a    kind  of    cannibalism   ,   so   I  should understand it : I had swallowed
164 1990 SPOK ABC_Nightline south end . Mr. REHNBERG : The  aircraft  went  into  the    kind  of    cartwheels   it   did   .  HELEN HAYES , United 232 Passenger :
165 1993 SPOK ABC_Jennings been put off until the fall .  It  's  exactly  the    kind  of    case   that   worries   some  campus critics , who say that colleges
166 2003 SPOK NPR_ATCW landfill , and the huge size of  the  property  affects  the    kind  of    casino   that   will   open  here . Rigot led us into the
167 2000 SPOK NPR_FreshAir was this -- sort of the bigger  one  .  And  that    kind  of    caused   some   consignation   as  well because , you know , there
168 1993 SPOK ABC_Jennings 's Bill Greenwood . BILL GREENWOOD :  The  General  commanded  the    kind  of    celebrity   status   that   is  rarely seen on Capitol Hill .
169 2002 ACAD Style in a research article . Imagine sentence  1  making  the  same    kind  of    centrality   claim   in   a  different style , perhaps getting
170 1999 SPOK NPR_TalkNation And I 'm curious whether this has  been  observed  as  some    kind  of    change   in   population   .  I 'm in Cleveland Heights , just
171 1992 SPOK ABC_Jennings that they wanted change , but I  think  he  understood  the    kind  of    change   that   they   wanted  to have . GOVERNOR BILL CLINTON :
172 1994 SPOK ABC_Brinkley Leon Pannetta , would have a free  hand  to  make  the    kind  of    changes   he   felt   necessary  to reorganize the staff . DAVID
173 1991 SPOK CNN_NewsSun real frights or worries you have as  you  go  through  this    kind  of    chaos   ,   and   it  's the reason - to the extent
174 1990 SPOK CNN_King and comedy ? Mr. GOLDBLUM : What  do  you  mean  the    kind  of    character   I   'm   playing  ? KING : I mean this film
175 2003 SPOK CNN_Zahn phenomenal job of negotiating through this ,  and  also  have  the    kind  of    characters   and   personalities   that  allow for it . It requires
176 1996 NEWS WashingtonPost particular surge on the West Coast .  "  There  's  some    kind  of    charismatic   rabbi   in   Los  Angeles who managed to fill up the
177 2010 SPOK Fox_Susteren had to circle , bringing in perhaps  the  media  ,  those    kind  of    charter   planes   ,   is  that they are simply trying to get
178 1998 NEWS Houston , interested in Eastern spirituality ,  visited  the  monastery  to    kind  of    check   it   out   ,  " he said . " It was
179 1992 SPOK Ind_Geraldo program ... Ms-STEELE : Right . RIVERA  :  ...  but  he    kind  of    chickened   out   at   the  eleventh hour . But he said to
180 1993 NEWS Chicago nights reading with a bottle of wine  .  Particularly  after  the    kind  of    childhood   signaled   in   "  The Rake , " solitude meant that
181 2008 SPOK ABC_ThisWeek , it is the - even if  candidates  can  maintain  some    kind  of    civility   ,   as   you  well know , people inside campaigns begin
182 1994 MAG Inc. the high cost -- at least $3  million  --  for  the    kind  of    class-AA   franchise   they   had  in mind . But while considering
183 2006 SPOK NPR_Daybreak have to establish some sort of  mechanism  for  getting  this    kind  of    clearance   .   ADAMS   :  And what about nationals from other
184 1995 FIC Mov:Nixon Sandy ... What do you like ?  I  mean  ,  what    kind  of    clothes   do   you   like  ? Do you like blue ... red
185 1994 SPOK ABC_DayOne n't care . You did n't have  to  wear  a  certain    kind  of    clothing   to   go   on  stage , you did n't have to
186 2003 FIC Fantasy & Science Fiction She turned it around , as if  maybe  there  was  some    kind  of    clue   written   there   ,  only no one had thought of looking
187 2009 SPOK NPR_TalkNation , though , is that as a  society  ,  we  're    kind  of    cobbling   together   a   bunch  of individual decisions while not
188 1996 ACAD ForeignAffairs to the confederation . Much as in  modern  Germany  ,  a    kind  of    cohesion   results   from   this  regional welfare . But in the
189 2006 SPOK CNN_Grace killer who you really cant understand what  he  s  doing  ,    kind  of    collects   people   ,   perhaps  . It makes me wonder also whether
190 2009 SPOK CBS_Early it a very deep rich flavor. HARRY-SMITH  :  Well  ,  that    kind  of    combination   with   beef   stock  and the potatoes --
191 2005 SPOK Fox_Gibson , since we began taking polls .  Usually  there  's  a    kind  of    coming   together   of   the  nation at the time of the inauguration
192 2003 SPOK CNN_Q&A , came back on Sunday . And  everywhere  we  heard  this    kind  of    comment   ,   the   president  seems to have - believe in the
193 2003 SPOK Fox_Sunday having a good , strong economy ,  but  what  about  the    kind  of    common   goals   and   aspirations  , beliefs that democracy
194 2009 SPOK ABC_GMA we ... NADYA-SULEMAN-1MO# (Voiceover) They  do  n't  have  any    kind  of    complications   ,   yeah   .  CHRIS-CUOMO-1-ABC# (Voiceover)
195 2007 NEWS Chicago , whether they use a typewriter or  computer  and  now  what    kind  of    computer   program   they   prefer  . Our curiosity is fueled by the
196 2008 SPOK NPR_TalkNation . Whether she would have gotten the  death  penalty  for  that    kind  of    conduct   -   hard   to  imagine . CONAN : John Earl Haynes
197 1993 ACAD WorldAffairs exhausted itself , it might not  prove  impossible  that  some    kind  of    confederation   ,   in   which  the constituents would perforce
198 2008 NEWS Denver It 's absurd to think that way  sometimes  ,  but  that    kind  of    confidence   can   help   you  play up to that highest level .
199 1999 SPOK ABC_Nightline what became yesterday 's news . The  public  had  reached  a    kind  of    consensus   that   the   peace  process was going to go forward no
200 2001 SPOK Fox_Hume BERRY : I would not conclude that  there  has  been  any    kind  of    conspiracy   ,   if   that  's what you 're asking me ,
201 1996 NEWS SanFrancisco turning against her , and are her  colleagues  up  to  some    kind  of    conspiracy   ?   #    Yet  another Abby -- Dr. Abby DiMatteo --
202 2007 SPOK CBS_Early they 're an official agency of the  government  ,  or  some    kind  of    consumer   protection   group   .  SMITH : Oh , my goodness .
203 2005 MAG AmerArtist arises in Glass ' work is  consumption  ,  particularly  a    kind  of    consumption   in   which   there  is a deliberate sort of confusion
204 1995 SPOK CBS_Morning He was saying that he thought he  observed  O.J.  making  some    kind  of    contact   with   the   male  alternate juror who sits to the far
205 1995 NEWS AssocPress stains , could you tell us more  about  how  -  what    kind  of    contact   ,   if   any  , those stains had , both the
206 2000 SPOK NPR_Saturday because of them and thanks to them  .  So  in  this    kind  of    context   ,   they   're  able to give us instant feedback ,
207 2000 ACAD WorldAffairs of peace operations is today the  functional  equivalent  of  the    kind  of    control   exercised   years   ago  through gunboat diplomacy. (n53
208 2008 SPOK NBC_MeetPress always found it interesting when --  especially  in  this  latest    kind  of    conversation   about   gender   that  we 've been having . You know
209 2006 NEWS Denver . # It 's no big deal  .  Actually  it  's    kind  of    cool   .   She   likes  that grown-ups depend on her . #
210 2002 SPOK CBS_FaceNation efforts in terms of Al Qaida .  It  would  reduce  the    kind  of    cooperation   and   intelligence   and  other kind of allied
211 1995 ACAD LatAmPopScult Caribbean ! (chorus ) This nation  is  better  than  this    kind  of    corruption   .   .   .  burning with the fires of bribery .
212 1998 ACAD MechanicalEng may not be a volume manufacturing game  ,  but  the  same    kind  of    cost   restriction   is   there  . Waddell and his team are
213 1993 SPOK ABC_Brinkley very unlevel playing field . They 're  not  paying  the  same    kind  of    costs   that   we   are  SMITH voice-over Nonsense , says Michael
214 2003 MAG Redbook animal trainer Alexandra Powe Allred  to  spell  out  what    kind  of    couple   is   most   likely  to own each of these pets ,
215 2006 MAG ChristCentury him always . " In doing this  ,  readers  enter  a    kind  of    covenant   of   peace   and  justice created through the practice of
216 2000 SPOK NPR_TalkNation , that that 's going to correct  a  lot  of  the    kind  of    crazy   investment   that   we  're seeing -- that we 've seen
217 1994 FIC Atlantic and she 's so good-natured -- you  just  never  know  what    kind  of    creep   she   'll   drag  in . " # The doorbell rang
218 1991 SPOK ABC_Jennings like this one . The report warns  that  unchecked  ,  this    kind  of    crime   could   devastate   the  insurance industry . John Martin ,
219 2006 SPOK CNN_Presents : It 's fraud . I did  n't  commit  any  other    kind  of    crime   .   It   's  fraud . It 's identity fraud and
220 1993 SPOK ABC_DayOne , they 're killers SAWYER voice-over The  search  for  a  new    kind  of    criminal   .   He   murdered  two people in two states . Now
221 1998 SPOK NPR_TalkNation in the last 30 years where we  have  n't  had  the    kind  of    crises   or   commitment   seen  in the 1960s , and yet the
222 1994 SPOK NPR_Weekend for my economic status . And so  I  just  had  a    kind  of    crisis   in   '   91  and decided to sort of travel .
223 1997 SPOK NBC_Today COURIC : ... you do n't think  these  vacancies  constitute  any    kind  of    crisis   .   But   with  , I guess , one out of
224 1998 SPOK Fox_Sunday few months , he 's going to  be  open  to  the    kind  of    criticism   that   bombarded   Sandy  Berger and Madeleine
225 1994 SPOK CBS_48Hours here . This , it literally moved  and  it  's  just    kind  of    crossed   over   .   (Footage-of-Spada-a)  DOW : (Voiceover )
226 1995 MAG Newsweek selling shares on the Tel Aviv stock  market  .  As  a    kind  of    crowning   irony   ,   one  of the proudest achievements of the
227 2001 ACAD CrossCurrents came to encompass the social order as  a  whole  .  A    kind  of    culmination   was   reached   when  Emperor Theodosius made the
228 2001 NEWS CSMonitor many years , she says , "  There  's  been  a    kind  of    cultural   relativism   loose   in  the land , and it has devalued
229 2008 SPOK NPR_TalkNation elevator . CONAN : Ah , cool  .  ROSS  :  Just    kind  of    curious   ,   if   your  author ever had a chance to do
230 2009 SPOK Fox_Hannity go on . " And so ,  you  know  ,  he    kind  of    cut   the   line   for  us , needs to move on and
231 1995 SPOK CNN_News , for kids , I think a  jump  rope  is  always    kind  of    cute   ,   and   this  one comes all wrapped already , so
232 1995 SPOK CBS_Morning retreat : learn to protect his new  heart  from  the  same    kind  of    damage   that   destroyed   his  old one ; and , just as
233 2003 FIC Mov:HebrewHammer ESTHER # (Sensually ) Maybe we  should  try  a  different    kind  of    dancing   .   #   HAMMER  # You mean like disco dancing or
234 2002 FIC ChicagoRev did he mean ? " I ask  Ricky  .  "  What    kind  of    dare   ?   What   kind  of pick-off ? Have you ever heard
235 2009 MAG MensHealth heard women say , ' Oh ,  I  know  exactly  what    kind  of    day   my   partner   had  when he walks into the house by
236 1998 FIC MassachRev them pretty much passed out , the  rest  standing  in  a    kind  of    daze   around   the   fire  , holding beers . No music now
237 1996 FIC FantasySciFi , the one with the little scissors  .   #  "  What    kind  of    deal   is   this   ?  " he asked when they reached the
238 1999 NEWS SanFrancisco that Aw shucks , geez , I  'm  just  Ron  '    kind  of    deal   ,   "   says  Brian Grazer , Howard 's closest friend
239 2009 SPOK CBS_Early Right . One of the things especially  for  online  ,  what    kind  of    deals   are   you   going  to get in terms like shipping ?
240 2010 FIC Bk:DrDeathVsVampire attack . So a heart attack is  usually  the  least  suspicious    kind  of    death   .   And   that  's what this little concoction produces ,
241 1996 ACAD Symposium each exchange -- one of the dialogues  with  Lorenzo  constitutes  a    kind  of    debate   --   Laura   simply  and stubbornly maintains that nothing
242 1997 NEWS WashingtonPost In the end , the responsibility is  yours  to  make  the    kind  of    decisions   that   will   help  your money grow at a pace that
243 1991 ACAD ArtBulletin of paintings now exhibited there , which  is  characterized  by  a    kind  of    decorative   freedom   and   demands  blank spaces between the
244 1991 FIC Bk:TreasureSun up to you . " She took  a  breath  ,  the    kind  of    deep   breath   her   corset  forbade her . " Do you think
245 2003 FIC Mov:Cooler ways . But coolers ? What is  this  guy  ,  some    kind  of    degenerate   gambler   ?   Reformed  card shark ? He does n't look
246 2007 MAG AmSpect of our society has in fact begun  to  surrender  to  the    kind  of    degradation   that   I   have  just described . It has been taken
247 1992 SPOK ABC_Special why he 's been a - a  new  kind  and  different    kind  of    Democrat   .   We   're  a new and different party . You
248 2006 SPOK CBS_FaceNation behind this . Is there any evidence  that  this  was  some    kind  of    Democratic   plot   to   do  in the Republicans , or wasnt this
249 2007 SPOK CBS_Early of challenges there . When you talk  about  electricity  ,  it    kind  of    depends   on   where   you  are . Some neighborhoods in Baghdad ,
250 1990 ACAD Symposium is dominated , not by melancholy ,  but  by  a  new    kind  of    depraved   sensuality   .   No  longer credulous , as she had been
251 2001 SPOK NPR_Saturday a chancellor who is doing his job  there  would  have  not    kind  of    despotic   power   but   a  sense of relationship and a sense of
252 1999 SPOK CBS_FaceNation no other candidate , I emphasize ,  has  put  out  the    kind  of    detail   I   have   on  allowing people to have a 60 percent
253 2001 MAG SportingNews a win over Atlanta , Jordan had  shown  a  more  vocal    kind  of    determination   .   The   Wizards  trailed the Hawks , 53-49 , at
254 2009 FIC Bk:LastResort be a radical environmentalist to have  mixed  feelings  about  this    kind  of    development   .   Even   if  the resort turned out to be permissible
255 1996 FIC Bk:Nursery . What about the brand-new P68 sleeper  ?  And  the  different    kind  of    diaper   ?   And   he  looked older and different . " He
256 1996 SPOK NPR_Morning are they going to hire you ?  '  And  it  's    kind  of    difficult   to   explain   ,  ' They have hired me and I
257 1994 FIC etCetera together . This would be one hell  of  a  kid  !    Kind  of    difficult   to   talk   to  , maybe , but what child is
258 1994 SPOK CNN_TalkBack recover quickly . Carolyn , I think  that  call  was  really    kind  of    directed   at   you   ,  a self-proclaimed junk food junkie . CAROLYN
259 2009 SPOK CNN_Cooper that 's at stake here . I  have  to  say  I    kind  of    disagree   a   little   bit  with what David said . Is that
260 1992 FIC BkSF:ThreeMusketeers odd tendency of the French to bring  food  into  virtually  any    kind  of    discussion   ,   when   the  shop door banged suddenly open .
261 1998 SPOK CBS_Morning n't had a past history , because  we  had  to  really    kind  of    dive   into   the   cold  water , as it were . MITCHELL
262 1990 SPOK CNN_Specials United States behind him so that we  do  n't  have  the    kind  of    divisions   we   had   in  Vietnam ? Henry , you want to
263 1995 SPOK CBS_FaceNation community . You do n't have it  when  you  have  the    kind  of    divisive   tactic   ,   though  unintended , that results from this
264 1999 SPOK NPR_ATC day of the week , you know  ?  And  so  I    kind  of    do   feel   like   I  'm being watched , but not as
265 1992 SPOK CBS_Morning make you happy ? Mr-VIDAL : Well  ,  yes  ,  it    kind  of    does   .   It   --  it 's actually -- it 's a
266 2007 FIC Bridges along the pitted and potholed parkway  ,  she  experienced  a    kind  of    double   vision   :   she  saw with ruthless clarity her fragmented
267 2000 SPOK CNN_Reliable think it ended up being kind of  dull  BERKE  It  was    kind  of    dull   .   But   maybe  dull is n't so bad for democracy
268 1998 SPOK CBS_Morning modeled terra-cotta . You do n't want  to  have  just  a    kind  of    dull-looking   tan   floor   .  McEWEN : OK. VILA : OK ?
269 2005 ACAD ArtBulletin of art . In certain respects ,  Da  Canal  was  the    kind  of    early   modern   viewer   described  by Alpers and Baxandall ,
270 2006 SPOK ABC_GMA Just take it easy .  ROBIN-ROBERTS-1AB#  (Off-camera)  Yeah  ,    kind  of    ease   everybody   into   it  . You have such a range .
271 1990 NEWS USAToday was just a normal , middle-class peasant  .  Q  :  What    kind  of    effect   did   this   have  on Gorbachev ? # A : Gorbachev
272 2006 SPOK CNN_Money Saudis apparently foiled it . But if  that  had  happened  what    kind  of    effect   would   that   have  on the world economy and on gas
273 1992 SPOK NPR_Weekend that indicate that whatever their rivalries ,  there  was  also  a    kind  of    elemental   trust   between   the  two of them ? Orheim : Probably
274 2001 FIC Bk:DarknessMoreThan " " I do n't know .  But  Bosch  made  some    kind  of    elliptical   reference   to   it  yesterday . " " I can pull
275 2007 MAG GoodHouse , despite the heart trouble in  her  family  Sidebar  WHICH    KIND  OF    EMERGENCY   ?   When   you  have a heart attack , areas of
276 1993 ACAD AnthropolQ the poem because it expresses anger  and  frustration  with  the    kind  of    emotional   suppression   he   had  just experienced , his
277 1998 FIC Bk:PatchworkPlanet for God 's sake ? " "  Well  ,  it  's    kind  of    encouraging   that   Mrs.   Gordoni  still came , do n't you think
278 1990 SPOK CNN_King understand that it 's a good thing  that  we  have  that    kind  of    energetic   Executive   ,   but  we do have to respect the democratic
279 2008 MAG PopScience can ad lib , they can improvise  ,  which  is  a    kind  of    energy   that   you   do  n't see in animation because animation is
280 1991 FIC BkSF:BringingOut fry . Without exception . No human  being  can  channel  that    kind  of    energy   .   Not   even  an adept . He must have wagered
281 1995 NEWS Chicago n't read it ) , I have  to  admit  I  actually    kind  of    enjoyed   it   .   Not  that it was n't simplistic and manipulative
282 1995 FIC Bk:Justice Sure . " " You know ,  Sergeant  ,  I  'm    kind  of    enjoying   this   .   "  p178 " Yeah , you look a
283 1990 NEWS NewYorkTimes out to be fraudulent . # Mr.  Rheuban  was  exactly  the    kind  of    entrepreneur   being   attracted   to  the business . A successful
284 1995 NEWS WashingtonPost care system . # " It is  particularly  difficult  in  this    kind  of    environment   for   the   head  of a state Medicaid program to go
285 1995 ACAD Generations at large . A transformation of the  nursing  home  into  this    kind  of    environment   will   benefit   everyone  involved in long-term
286 1996 SPOK NPR_TalkNation foods in their home . They do  try  to  create  that    kind  of    environment   within   their   family  , not only for their African-
287 2000 SPOK CBS_Morning which was more incredible even than I  ,  you  know  ,    kind  of    envisioned   it   in   the  book . (Footage-of-locals) PIZZEY :
288 1995 MAG AmericanCraft good and positive , rather than merely  possessive  .  The  same    kind  of    equilibrium   ,   disturbed   and  nicely intriguing , is exactly
289 1994 MAG Fortune of the salesperson 's mission will be  to  show  customers  what    kind  of    equipment   they   'll   need  to handle their own future strategy .
290 2009 ACAD VisualImpair ? Does your child have a Perkins  braille-writer  or  some  other    kind  of    equipment   to   produce   braille  at home ? Do you feel that
291 1990 FIC Bk:RabbitRest , attracting rust and white splotches of  birdshit  .  "  What    kind  of    errands   does   he   have  to do ? " " Oh Harry
292 2001 FIC Analog  ,  comfortably-upholstered  tourist  paradise-the    kind  of    ersatz   environment   common   to  all overdeveloped places , that
293 1995 ACAD ArtBulletin . My usual reflex , on the  contrary  ,  is  a    kind  of    escalating   shame   at   the  increasing number of disciplines in
294 1990 SPOK ABC_Nightline the President 's son , Neal Bush  .  You  've  been    kind  of    evasive   today   in   giving  an answer one way or the other
295 2000 SPOK NBC_Today ultimate punishment based on this kind of  shaky  testimony  ,  this    kind  of    evidence   ,   I   think  is an outrage . COURIC : OK
296 1990 SPOK ABC_Primetime : See , today is my birthday  ,  and  I  was    kind  of    excited   to   come   here  and everything . But since he did
297 2001 MAG USNWR we first found out we were being  deployed  ,  it  was    kind  of    exciting   .   But   when  we got on the plane to come
298 2008 SPOK CBS_48Hours being back with my family and having  no  criminal  record  .    Kind  of    exciting   .   Offscreen   Voice  32 : Marty , you 're making
299 2001 SPOK NBC_Today exercise , run off some of that  energy  ,  do  any    kind  of    exercise   ,   it   does  n't matter , but get them away
300 1994 MAG MensHealth it 's this : Exercise is good  for  you  .  Any    kind  of    exercise   .   #    Now  , that does n't mean you have
301 2007 SPOK ABC_20/20 I would kind of think you would  have  to  have  some    kind  of    experience   with   ,   you  know , another individual . I do
302 2001 SPOK CNN_KingWknd script ... KINGSLEY : Always that title  .  That  's  a    kind  of    expletive   in   England   KING  Oh , really ? KINGSLEY : Yeah
303 1997 SPOK NPR_Science you really -- you need something concentrated  enough  to  make  the    kind  of    explosion   and   to   get  the gamma ray up -- the energies
304 1998 FIC ParisRev 'll have burned . Laurie can be  very  cavalier  about  that    kind  of    exposure   .   #    I  tend to be more careful because I
305 1993 FIC Mov:Philadelphia n't know , Joe . # JOE  #  Is  there  some    kind  of    expression   I   've   picked  up from Beckett ? ! Some kind
306 1998 ACAD AfricanArts . As a result the top of  the  head  becomes  a    kind  of    face   of   the   leopard  ; the face is not indicated in
307 1994 FIC Ploughshares apron . Kind eyes , and a  long  face  --  the    kind  of    face   where   you   could  see the muscles of the jaw working
308 2009 MAG HarpersBazaar TEXT BY LAURA BROWN PHOTOGRAPHS BY PETER  LINDBERGH  In  a  certain    kind  of    factory   ,   everyone   is  famous for 15 minutes . But in
309 1993 FIC Bk:RestInPieces colors remained in her memory , and  this  would  be  that    kind  of    fall   .   Her   divorce  from Fair had been final six months
310 2000 SPOK NBC_Dateline , charming , amiable person like yourself  ,  coming  from  the    kind  of    family   that   you   --  that you come from , what are
311 1990 MAG AmSpect by contrast , paternalistic ; conceiving of  the  nation  as  a    kind  of    family   writ   large   ,  they press the more prosperous members of
312 1998 ACAD GeographRev and outbuildings , because those structures  are  clues  to  what    kind  of    farming   is   being   conducted  . If a certain kind of barn
313 2010 SPOK NBC_MeetPress . We just need fair rules .  And  before  the  rules    kind  of    favored   Wall   Street   ,  not those in state . MR-GREGORY :
314 2008 SPOK NPR_TalkNation late 1950s . This same kind of  fear  -  the  same    kind  of    fear   with   Kikuyu   ascendancy  carries over into the present day
315 2010 SPOK CNN_JohnKing think this revised upward (INAUDIBLE )  everybody  knew  .  I    kind  of    feel   bad   for   Anderson  when I 'm not down there with
316 2005 MAG FieldStream lives to one another . His embrace  of  Baldwin  had  a    kind  of    ferocity   to   it   ,  just as Baldwin had once beat him
317 1990 FIC BkSF:Iris nodes on the far side -- could  it  be  that  some    kind  of    field   held   the   cargo  in a matrix within the space ?
318 1993 ACAD AnthropolQ families in Silicon Valley , California ,  immersed  her  in  the    kind  of    field   relations   that   almost  always transpire between
319 2002 SPOK CNN_KingWknd 's not this , it 'll be  somebody  else  .  I    kind  of    figure   this   ,   if  they 're talking about me , they
320 2005 SPOK CNN_King to peace and it 's just a  joy  to  see  somebody    kind  of    finish   his   last   act  in such a graceful way . (
321 2010 SPOK ABC_GMA like sleeping and eating . Exercising ,  you  just  ,  you    kind  of    fit   it   into   your  schedule somehow . Even if it 's
322 1995 SPOK ABC_20/20 around smoking marijuana , dropping LSD  ,  looking  for  that    kind  of    fix   that   we   never  got in our first two years of
323 2009 SPOK CBS_Early and they take gray photos but the  flash  makes  the  photos    kind  of    flat   and   washed   out  . So if you use one of
324 1995 SPOK CNN_Reliable years that it has had , you  know  ,  a  liberal    kind  of    flavor   to   it   .  BERNARD KALB : Yeah , but that
325 1995 SPOK CBS_Morning a little skeptical , thinking this is  going  to  be  the    kind  of    folk   that   's   attracted  to that sort of thing . These
326 1997 SPOK ABC_GMA so prevalent , a million people in  this  country  with  this    kind  of    food   allergy   .   And  I think a lot of parents might
327 1996 MAG WashMonth TABLE # GEORGIE ANNE GEYER HAS for  years  practiced  the  best    kind  of    foreign   reportage   ,   which  involves spending enough time in
328 1994 SPOK ABC_DayOne was anything nefarious or corrupt , as  much  as  it  was    kind  of    Franklin   's   stubbornness   and  his kind of cowboy image , that
329 1995 MAG TotalHealth or stress management . The fourth  is  friendship  --  the    kind  of    friend   that   listens   but  does n't want to change you .
330 1997 SPOK NBC_Dateline : That 's right . HOCKENBERRY :  Well  ,  it  was    kind  of    fun   to   do   was  n't it ? Ms-COLLINS : Is it
331 2000 FIC FantasySciFi prisoner , even if he did love  him  and  /this  was    kind  of    galling   )   the   sex  was terrific . # Seeing Pat chained
332 2009 MAG Atlantic . " The hero of the second  American  narrative  is  a    kind  of    gambling   man-   a   "  speculative confidence man , " Lears calls
333 1994 FIC BkSF:ShameMan he had pretty well confirmed that assumption  .  It  was  a    kind  of    game   that   he   hoped  she did not know was being played
334 1992 NEWS Houston I told the guys this was n't  going  to  be  the    kind  of    game   we   could   win  with X 's and O 's .
335 2006 SPOK NPR_FreshAir ban for the first offense and then  we  had  some  that    kind  of    gave   a   two-week   ban  you could serve between Christmas and New
336 2003 SPOK NPR_ATC seem to be , if you look  through  the  magazines  ,    kind  of    genres   of   things   that  you find . One would be the
337 1995 SPOK NPR_Weekend teenagers would go to these lakes and  in  the  summer  time    kind  of    get   away   from   the  city . And um , Lake Marie
338 1998 SPOK NPR_ATC . We take our feet off the  pegs  .  And  we    kind  of    get   in   this   position  . It looks like you 're flying
339 1997 SPOK NPR_Saturday foster homes and things , my sister  and  I  would  just    kind  of    get   pawned   off   to  different people and different
340 2005 SPOK CBS_Sixty know , maybe at some point in  history  ,  ultra-running  will    kind  of    get   to   that   level  where people recognize there are humans that
341 1998 NEWS Chicago knew the truth . Neve Campbell ,  24  ,  is  the    kind  of    girl   whose   bedroom   secrets  are summed up in three words :
342 2004 SPOK PBS_Tavis issues related to the global war on  terror  that  Reagan  would    kind  of    give   a   blessing   .  I think the idea of trying to
343 2009 SPOK NPR_TellMore So , kind of in a way  ,  both  of  you    kind  of    give   this   tough   love  message . I mean , in a
344 2000 SPOK NPR_ATC it pumped up Australia vs. the US  ,  so  it  was    kind  of    given   an   extra   great  feeling . BERKES : Arsenault allowed
345 1996 SPOK PBS_Newshour China 's ambivalence toward how it joins  the  world  ,  what    kind  of    global   role   it   plays  as it becomes the next major superpower
346 1994 FIC etCetera had gone from Elaine 's face ,  replaced  by  a  mournful    kind  of    glow   .   Her   words  had a crispness which made him think
347 1996 SPOK CNN_TalkBack miles coming up this weekend . Are  you  nervous  ?  That    kind  of    goes   back   to   Lee  's question about stress . How do
348 1997 NEWS WashingtonPost I did n't change a thing .  I  just  had  some    kind  of    good   feeling   and   I  felt more confidence . " # In
349 2008 SPOK CBS_48Hours in the indictment . Juror 1 :  Once  we  all  just    kind  of    got   around   the   bed  and started walking through it , it
350 1998 SPOK NPR_Science FLATOW Go ahead CALLER Yeah . I  'm  --  I  've    kind  of    got   my   own   history  on the Internet , having been involved
351 1995 NEWS SanFrancisco in the early ' 60s . #  "  It  has  a    kind  of    grandness   that   appeals   to  the Academy , " Hoffmann reasons .
352 2004 MAG Shape even throw ice cubes at a brick  wall  for  that  shattering-glass    kind  of    gratification   .   3   Do  n't let anger fester . Rather than
353 1999 SPOK NPR_Science you know , educators , and somehow  ,  we  need  that    kind  of    guidance   .   Ms-ANDERSON   :  I think it 's worth pointing out
354 1999 SPOK NPR_Science a man called Lynn White , a  wonderful  man  and  my    kind  of    guide   and   mentor   when  I was a young person . And
355 2005 FIC SouthernRev would be our best player the day  he  arrived  ,  the    kind  of    guy   that   could   lift  us above the rest of our league
356 2004 NEWS Chicago His dad never had a formal education  .  He  was  the    kind  of    guy   who   did   business  on a handshake . You gave people
357 1994 MAG RollingStone thumbing his nose at authority . #  Mihaly  is  also  the    kind  of    guy   who   found   living  by everyone else 's rules a thorn
358 2008 NEWS Denver you ca n't have that . You  ca  n't  bring  those    kind  of    guys   in.   "   //  Stokley did n't name names , and
359 1996 SPOK NPR_ATC feel it would highly inappropriate for a  female  to  have  that    kind  of    haircut   .   LINDA   WERTHEIMER  : Where are you going- where are
360 2008 SPOK NPR_Park as you said , crunchy backpack stuff  ,  which  she  only    kind  of    half   did   ,   but  I mean , she did it .
361 1998 SPOK Fox_Crier really listen to what somebody else is  saying  .  You  're    kind  of    half   listening   ,   waiting  to jump in and say what you
362 1991 NEWS USAToday build a career , be my own  person  .  It  's    kind  of    hard   going   back   to  my hometown and having people think ,
363 1998 NEWS Houston the pretax contributions , " she said  .  "  It  's    kind  of    hard   to   draw   the  line as far as how much debt
364 2003 NEWS Houston by the largest margin ever . #  "  So  it  's    kind  of    hard   to   say   we  did n't have a great state meet
365 2005 NEWS Atlanta economy the way it is right now  ,  it  would  be    kind  of    hard   ,   "   he  said . " But who knows what
366 1998 SPOK Fox_Hume was spinning you , it was n't  that  kind  of  overwhelming    kind  of    hard-edged   spin   that   you  did get from George Stephanopoulos
367 1994 ACAD EnvirAffairs , some courts denied plaintiffs recovery if  the  nuisance  was  the    kind  of    harm   they   should   be  expected to tolerate , given the nature
368 2007 SPOK CBS_Early . You mentioned pillows . Ms-SALK :  Yes  ,  and  these    kind  of    have   a   global   feel  to them . We 've been using
369 1999 SPOK ABC_Special they 'd be safe . And as  a  parent  ,  you    kind  of    have   to   hide   those  fears for your children and be brave
370 2002 SPOK PBS_Newshour for a recession that we ve ever  seen  .  So  you    kind  of    have   to   put   everything  in perspective . There s about 180
371 1992 FIC BkSF:Meri . " I was about . I  'm  always  about  .    Kind  of    haw   to   be   .  Ruhf always needs somethin ' done .
372 2004 SPOK NPR_ATCW religious service , maybe the Sunday before  the  primary  ,  to    kind  of    heal   wounds   and   show  that we can all worship together .
373 2003 SPOK NPR_ATCW 's coming towards them and , you  know  ,  they  're    kind  of    hearing   it   ,   and  they 're going , What the hell
374 1993 SPOK ABC_20/20 businessman lost complete control  when  he  suffered  the    kind  of    heart   attack   that   few  people survive . We first encountered
375 2001 SPOK CNN_YourHealth artificial heart , and this man just  received  the  exact  same    kind  of    heart   ,   and   doctors  at Jewish Hospital in Louisville hope that
376 2003 SPOK NPR_Daybreak often say that it 's like chicken  soup  .  It  's    kind  of    heavy   and   comforting   at  the same time . BATES : Now
377 1995 SPOK CNN_News , it really eliminates a lot of  the  stress  that  are    kind  of    held   in   our   traps  and they 're just sitting there grinding
378 1997 SPOK CNN_Talkback , everyone 's been looking for a  new  diet  pill  to    kind  of    help   them   because   there  are some people out there that really
379 2007 SPOK CBS_SunMorn results of the heart study save lives  .  Ms-TOY  :  I    kind  of    helped   with   that   .  Do n't tell anybody .
380 2003 NEWS CSMonitor 're the show . But actors continue  to  brave  this  special    kind  of    high-wire   act   .   Some  of the reasons are economic : It
381 2008 SPOK ABC_20/20 It 's just frustrating that  people  that  have  those    kind  of    histories   are   able   to  keep on going without ...
382 2009 NEWS Denver They worry , like any first-time parents  .  #  "  It    kind  of    hits   you   during   the  day , " Stewart said . "
383 1996 SPOK CBS_48Hours business being there -- nobody . LAGATTUTA  :  This  is  the    kind  of    horrible   story   that   makes  people who are uncomfortable with
384 2002 SPOK NPR_Science should be a global community talking in  trying  to  prevent  this    kind  of    horror   .   KESTENBAUM   :  Let me ask you a question on
385 2006 SPOK NPR_Saturday 's so fragile . It can easily  be  broken  by  any    kind  of    hostility   .   And   what  the - what Israel and the United
386 2007 FIC Mov:Savages the place . The Valley View .  LENNY  What  the  hell    kind  of    hotel   is   it   ?  JON It 's not a hotel ,
387 1996 SPOK NPR_ATC crisis and a truly great leader -  let  's  make  this    kind  of    hypothetical   -   would   we  be able , in this context ,
388 1991 NEWS CSMonitor on the mumbo-jumbo and all the graphs  ,  it  becomes  a    kind  of    idolatry   after   awhile   ,  " says Mr. Preston . The Prestons
389 2005 NEWS Atlanta the cause , he tars our courts  .  It  is  that    kind  of    ignorant   disrespect   that   breeds  danger for our courts and the
390 2009 SPOK CNN_Situation says he knows he 's wrong and  likened  it  to  some    kind  of    illness   .   LEE   :  I think my illness is the inability
391 1999 SPOK CNN_Politics to be very , very careful that  you  're  monitoring  the    kind  of    images   that   are   going  out . For instance , at our
392 2007 MAG NaturalHist reviewing data showing that removing natural  killer  cells  ,  a    kind  of    immune-system   cell   ,   from  certain strains of pregnant mice
393 2006 SPOK CNN_Money when it does come time to lay  down  the  law  and    kind  of    impart   a   lesson   ,  you get a lot more respect .
394 2010 SPOK PBS_NewsHour the Republican argument seems to be that  there  is  still  some    kind  of    implicit   federal   guarantee   of  government support that could
395 1998 FIC Bk:Loop cabin was a logbuilt outhouse and ,  beside  it  ,  a    kind  of    improvised   shower--a   metal   bucket  with holes in the bottom .
396 1996 SPOK ABC_GMA the future , of course , of  Medicare  and  Social  Security    kind  of    in   question   ,   young  Americans simply ca n't afford to put
397 2002 SPOK CBS_Morning So I thought it 'd be great  just  to  have  this    kind  of    in-out   balloon   .   It  's been great except for that I
398 1998 ACAD HispanicRev light " of four bulbs , the  actors  moved  on  a    kind  of    inclined   platform   among   small  props that made them appear
399 1999 SPOK NPR_TalkNation bit about what kind of physical land  assets  are  developing  what    kind  of    income   that   is   being  put into these IIMs . Are we
400 1990 ACAD AcademicQs . Example 4 : # Selective use  of  principles  constitutes  a    kind  of    inconsistency   .   In   the  above case , Cardinal Cook sic argued
401 1991 FIC Mov:BartonFink I 'm blocked up . I feel  like  I  need  some    kind  of    indication   of   ...   what  's expected GEISLER Wallace Beery .
402 2005 NEWS Chicago . # Another Cheney quote : "  Dean  is  not  the    kind  of    individual   you   want   representing  your party . " Wrong again
403 1997 ACAD AnthropolQ Cruz recruited forty men off the streets  of  Guajar-Mirim  .  The    kind  of    individuals   who   were   willing  to enlist in what was locally
404 1990 SPOK ABC_Brinkley . How do you respond to what  seems  to  be  a    kind  of    inferential   consent   to   American  action ? Rep. EDWARDS : Well ,
405 2005 SPOK PBS_Newshour : That 's tokenism. BILL-REED : --  this  has  got  this    kind  of    influence   -   GEORGE-NEUMAYR   :  That 's tokenism , and you 'd
406 1997 ACAD VisualImpair delays or dyslexia could also benefit  by  access  to  the    kind  of    information   available   through   use  of the Talking Signs
407 2008 FIC ContempFic who this Hemingway is , why he  helped  you  ,  what    kind  of    information   did   he   provide  you with ? " // Here there
408 1991 SPOK PBS_Newshour most of the third world . MR-MacNeil  :  Congressman  ,  what    kind  of    information   is   your   committee  getting , the foreign affairs
409 1990 SPOK ABC_Brinkley say he lied to the committee .  He  simply  withheld  the    kind  of    information   that   ,   if  they had had , they could have
410 2007 ACAD THEJournal Arts Leadership Office says his office  does  n't  track  that    kind  of    information   ,   but   that  " each district will be somewhat unique
411 1995 SPOK CBS_Morning of a personal thing . It was  n't  done  at  any    kind  of    information-gathering   level   .   I  was there to express my
412 2008 SPOK NBC_Dateline about to meet cried , prayed and  then  tapped  into  the    kind  of    inner   strength   we   all  wish we had , and they 'd
413 2010 SPOK CNN_Brown to me that the only ones that  are  pointing  out  are    kind  of    innocuous   ones   that   is  kind of a he said-she said .
414 2010 SPOK NPR_TalkNat , and so I 'm curious if  you  find  that  this    kind  of    instant   connection   is   easier  for women than it is for men
415 1999 ACAD SocialResrch unrecognized forms of injustice rarely  have  access  to  the    kind  of    intellectual   and   political   resources  required to construct
416 2005 SPOK NPR_Science gradually make life more beautiful . My  lament  was  that  a    kind  of    intense   beauty   that   I  see given to me by science is
417 1999 MAG VegTimes collapsed or withdrawn body posture does  n't  invite  the  same    kind  of    interaction   as   someone   with  good posture . " Poor posture is
418 2005 SPOK Fox_Saturday with PBS is that it has never  been  independent  from  this    kind  of    interference   .   PINKERTON   :  Tomlinson should n't use
419 1997 ACAD Style : # It is the nature of  metalepsis  to  form  a    kind  of    intermediate   step   between   the  term transferred and the thing
420 2005 SPOK NPR_Daybreak video communications from any laptop to  any  laptop  over  any    kind  of    Internet   connection   .   In  this particular case it 's going be
421 2008 MAG ChristCentury ) . In the Magnificat , Mary  praises  God  for  another    kind  of    interruption   .   She   proclaims  that God 's bringing about new
422 1998 SPOK Fox_Hume . But if Dick Gephardt -- if  Gore  's  under  any    kind  of    investigation   ,   then   I  think the field is open for somebody
423 1999 SPOK Fox_Crier On the other hand , I do  think  we  need  some    kind  of    investigative   method   ,   and  perhaps a blue-ribbon commission
424 2000 NEWS Houston of misconceptions and speculation about the movie  ,  but  that  was    kind  of    invited   ,   "   he  says , noting the portentous tone of
425 2000 SPOK CNN_LiveSat found that perhaps -- although they did  n't  have  a  same    kind  of    issue   ,   they   nonetheless  were n't up to the standards that
426 1992 SPOK ABC_Nightline having him take any really big swings  ,  go  after  the    kind  of    issues   that   might   ,  as rough and dirty as they might
427 1995 SPOK NPR_Weekend in , I believe , the Smithsonian  Institution  .  It  's    kind  of-    it   kind   of   is  an ode to old people and also
428 1993 SPOK CNN_News know , some of , you know  ,  Vietnam  was  just    kind  of-    it   was   a   chapter  , and it was over . And
429 2009 SPOK NPR_TalkNat this retail space , this man-made Chinatown  ,  being  authentic  is    kind  of    jarring   .   And   one  funny I anecdote about the Chinese -
430 2006 ACAD AnthropolQ , Organization and Recruitment # Although one  can  not  find  any    kind  of    job   description   for   a  dressman , dressmen themselves state
431 2000 SPOK NBC_Today See how fun when we have our  kids  helping  with  this    kind  of    job   .   How   many  times would a mom want to do
432 1995 SPOK CBS_Sixty are n't even enough to -- absolutely  minimum  McDonald  's  janitor    kind  of    jobs   out   there   ...  Unidentified Woman 8 : Oh , yes
433 1991 SPOK ABC_Jennings this with a check Congressman ? "  That  's  not  the    kind  of    jokes   that   we   need  . JIM WOOTEN : GRAPHICS It is
434 2009 ACAD ForeignAffairs mass destruction to be unacceptably grave .  But  that  was  the    kind  of    judgment   call   that   should  not have been accepted
435 2009 NEWS CSMonitor gives is the modern mortgage broker .  "  Stripped  of  the    kind  of    judgments   that   are   at  the heart of credit " and knowing
436 2004 SPOK NPR_Science about it these days ? ABRAMSON :  Well  ,  they  're    kind  of    jumping   on   the   problem  all of a sudden , Ira .
437 1995 SPOK CNN_Crossfire is do we want to encourage over  the  public  airwaves  the    kind  of    junk   that   's   on  that encourages people 's worse nature ?
438 2009 SPOK ABC_Nightline , a really weird way , it  's  gotten  to  be    kind  of    just   part   of   the  routine of life now . ELIZABETH-VARGAS-#
439 2001 SPOK Ind_Oprah just a , you know , a  glancing  hug  or  any    kind  of    just   physical   or   mental  affection . Dr-McGRAW : Do you play
440 2002 SPOK CBS_Morning did not know she was a lesbian.  Ms-ETHERIDGE  :  I  was    kind  of    just   waiting   for   someone  to ask me , and nobody ever
441 1993 SPOK ABC_20/20 an industrial-strength voice with a gossamer shiver  in  it  ,  the    kind  of    kid   who   was   always  waiting for the next tornado to pick
442 2009 SPOK NPR_TalkNation of the first steps in radicalization .  They  find  the  right    kind  of    kids   and   then   they  basically pull them out of the mosque
443 1999 SPOK CNN_Politics of Mississippi say that this kind of  a  call  is  a    kind  of    knee-jerk   reaction   ,   every  time something like this happens ?
444 2009 MAG Esquire sat between his old friends Marv and  Trudi  .  "  I    kind  of    knew   right   then   that  the Raiders were gon na pick me
445 1994 NEWS CSMonitor not mere confidence , but what might  best  be  called  a    kind  of    knowing   wit   .   This  is far more than humor (though
446 1997 ACAD LawPublicPol . But why should we think that  they  have  the  right    kind  of    knowledge   to   make   the  choice between rules and standards , but
447 2009 ACAD MusicEduc the loci where planning for understanding  takes  place  .  The    kind  of    knowledge   ,   expressed   in  the various types of outcomes ,
448 1994 ACAD AcademicQs unfair to reach back to the thirties  for  samples  of  the    kind  of    lapse   that   can   occur  when certain manners of polite
449 2010 SPOK NPR_TellMore , but I 'm just interested in  your  sense  of  how    kind  of    larger   social   forces   play  into this or you think this is
450 2009 MAG HarpersBazaar Philadelphia home ) , says , "  You  can  point  any    kind  of    laser   at   my   face  , but I do n't think Botox
451 2005 SPOK CNN_SatMorn a flash camera MESERVE But the warning  system  uses  a  different    kind  of    laser   beam   ,   perfectly  safe , according to pilots who have
452 2007 FIC Mov:Savages MORE ) 17 . JON (CONT  'D  )  It  's    kind  of    last   minute   .   I  'm out of town , actually ...
453 2001 FIC Analog on his face . " Hey Professor  ,  is  n't  it    kind  of    late   for   you   to  be up ? " Gary asked as
454 1994 SPOK CBS_Sixty sucking in their breath , and Clinton  looked  at  him  and    kind  of    laughed   and   said   ,  ' OK. ' WALLACE : I ca
455 1998 NEWS Houston sponsor a NASCAR team for $ 800,000  .   #  "  They    kind  of    laughed   at   me   ,  and I thought that might be too
456 2010 ACAD AmerScholar I tell you so you can decide  to  be  a  different    kind  of    leader   .   And   I  tell you for one other reason .
457 1996 SPOK Ind_Springer Wife : That 's right . Mrs-J-JOSEPH  :  So  we  've    kind  of    learned   to   make   room  for that and try to let that
458 1990 FIC Bk:StainlessSteel with those words , too , though  some  way  I  felt    kind  of    left   out   .   Anyway  , I never knowed him to be
459 2004 MAG TIME 90% of , according to a recent  poll  ,  support  some    kind  of    legalization   program   for   the  estimated 8 million to 10
460 2006 NEWS USAToday lot of room off of the exit  of  Turn  4  to    kind  of    let   the   car   go  where it wants to go . Race
461 2000 NEWS Houston the Cleveland-based card manufacturer . # And  it  's  just  the    kind  of    leverage   Scott   Hannah   of  Pacific Valley Foods did n't have
462 1999 ACAD SocialResrch from recognized standards and principles .   #  Clearly  ,  a    kind  of    liberal   pluralism   inspires   Shklar  's impassioned defense of
463 1991 MAG AmHeritage from project to project , and families  did  not  weather  that    kind  of    life   well   .   When  it came to a choice , marriages
464 1995 MAG RollingStone the Stones today ? # To me  it  was  never  a    kind  of    life-shattering   event   ,   this  record . We tried to get a
465 2005 MAG TownCountry argue that the family has a psychic  gift  for  knowing  the    kind  of    lifestyle   ,   whether   urban  or rural , that many people dream
466 1999 SPOK ABC_Special you know ? So I -- and  I  thought  that  was    kind  of    light   and   frivolous   and  , you know , and had sent
467 1991 SPOK CNN_Health of unwitting experiment in which we  've  drastically  altered  the    kind  of    light   signals   that   come  into our brains HOLTZ voice-over
468 2009 SPOK CNN_Misc newly published book in hand , Palin  hits  the  road  ,    kind  of    like   a   campaign   .  PALIN : I think I 'm going
469 1996 FIC Bk:LostAngel saying , except I remember hearing a  strange  singsongy  chant  ,    kind  of    like   a   constant   hum  . And then one of them picked
470 1990 SPOK PBS_Newshour the people that are trying to help  them  .  It  's    kind  of    like   a   drowning   person  that does n't know how to swim
471 1991 SPOK CNN_King know is , you know how you  guys  '  music  is    kind  of    like   a   hard-core   style  of rap ? TANISHA MICHELE : Right
472 1998 SPOK NBC_Dateline the person and you 're sharing a  secret  .  It  's    kind  of    like   a   level   of  intimacy with that person that you do
473 2009 SPOK NPR_FreshAir just a little ... ( Soundbite-of-laugh  Mr-FORD  :  ...    kind  of    like   a   millimeter   in  today 's - you know , now
474 1995 SPOK NPR_ATC During the summer , I come here  practically  every  day  .    Kind  of    like   a   second   home  or something . You know , I
475 1996 SPOK CBS_Special -- like now -- noise , right  ?  It  was  just    kind  of    like   a   shake   noise  , and then , like , just
476 1993 SPOK CBS_48Hours look , these black sunglasses on ,  blond  hair  that  's    kind  of    like   barbed   wire   ,  kinked out , you know , and
477 2006 SPOK NPR_ATCW feeling like I was in church when  I  was  n't  .    Kind  of    like   being   in   an  empty sanctuary all by myself . Reading
478 1993 NEWS Chicago a coma . I read her a  story  .  .  .    kind  of    like   Cinderella   .   I  talked to her throughout the day .
479 1996 MAG OutdoorLife exhausted-replied , " You think you 're  glad  ?  "  We    kind  of    like   it   when   the  lost hunters find us . I stoked
480 1993 MAG RollingStone ' I 'm here until I die  .   #  It  's    kind  of    like   overkill   ,   you  know ? ' # PHOTO : Fannon
481 1997 SPOK NBC_Dateline just tried it . Unidentified Student 4  :  Because  that  was    kind  of    like   Pat   ,   unfortunately  . Student 3 : Right . Student
482 2010 FIC Bk:DrDeathVsVampire seemed to just slip off him without  leaving  any  trace  .    Kind  of    like   Ronald   Reagan   .  But less dangerous . TERMINATION Sleep
483 1999 NEWS Houston but he 's only been around six  years  .  It  's    kind  of    like   that   in   football  . If you play to 37 or
484 1997 SPOK ABC_Primetime then they take it away from you  ?  DALE  KEIPER  :    Kind  of    like   that   ,   yes  . Yeah , although you do n't
485 1997 SPOK PBS_Newshour policy agenda . And , as you  say  ,  it  's    kind  of    like   the   DNC   ,  but with all of that , I
486 1993 NEWS Chicago the maximum shelf life of an artist  is  18  months  ,    kind  of    like   the   heavy-metal   station  " The Blaze " for cowboys .
487 2006 SPOK MSNBC_Olbermann all of those sort of other cats  in  the  dust  ,    kind  of    like   the   scene   from  " Forrest Gump . " Lola is
488 2009 NEWS NYT always seems to come around . #  '  '  It  's    kind  of    like   you   have   two  babies and that 's really enough and
489 2005 SPOK CNN_Showbiz never told him who Deep Throat really  was  ,  and  Redford    kind  of    liked   it   that   way  REDFORD The theatrical part of me ,
490 1998 MAG Esquire on a guy who carved gravestones ;  that  one  the  editor    kind  of    liked   .   He   said  , " Bring me two more .
491 2006 SPOK NPR_FreshAir in status within the church ? Mr-LABUTE  :  It  's  a    kind  of    limbo   ,   I   suppose  , really . It 's not an
492 1990 SPOK CNN_Crossfire KINSLEY Are you or are you not  in  favor  of  some    kind  of    limits   on   the   use  of the information which your industry is
493 2009 FIC Bk:EverythingHurts people feel sorry for him . No  ,  this  was  the    kind  of    limp   that   had   others  feeling sorry for themselves . The "
494 2005 MAG AmericanCraft ) . Each faux facet is outlined  with  ridges  in  a    kind  of    literal   translation   of   a  drawn line . To further enhance the
495 1999 ACAD ABAJournal , Emrick says , " are involved  in  '  bet-the-company  '    kind  of    litigation   .   They   need  to make sure that the research they
496 2005 NEWS Denver criticism . # " They are ,  literally  ,  a  legalized    kind  of    loan   shark   ,   "  Wilmouth said . # Consumer advocates say
497 1990 SPOK CNN_Crossfire But it 's going to require several  months  to  build-up  the    kind  of    logistic   space   out   there  that would be required to destroy an
498 2008 SPOK NBC_MeetPress there are some powerful forces arrayed against  me  .  It  's    kind  of    lonely   right   now   .  But I have on my side the
499 2004 SPOK NPR_ATCW often this very cynical  ,  cigarette-smoking  ,  heavy-drinking    kind  of    loner   who   's   out  there drifting along the edges of society
500 1998 SPOK NPR_ATC there are not really super climby ,  technical  ,  they  're    kind  of    long-distance   and   --   across  the desert . And the fixed-gear
501 2009 MAG MotherJones of the stock market concerns , could  ever  have  offered  the    kind  of    long-term   warnings   that   would  have saved its viewers ' nest
502 1999 MAG RollingStone house , just noticing Richard on the  phone  ,  and  I    kind  of    looked   down   with   the  camera and had it , and then
503 2007 FIC MassachRev its surroundings , standing out like darker  on  dark  .  It    kind  of    looked   like   a   man  on his hands and knees , his
504 2005 SPOK CNN_LiveToday stuff they pulled out . That 's  the  gap  filler  .    Kind  of    looks   like   a   paint  chip , does n't it ? STEWART
505 1995 SPOK ABC_Nightline TED KOPPEL : I 've got to  admit  ,  you  're    kind  of    losing   me   a   little  bit there . Can you bring it
506 1998 SPOK PBS_Newshour and attachment that is n't  really  representing  the  same    kind  of    loss   or   grief   as  when a father dies , a mother
507 2010 SPOK CBS_Early HARRY-SMITH : What a gorgeous  morning  ,  itd  been    kind  of    lousy   here   over   the  last couple of days , so when
508 1990 FIC Bk:Stardust guardsman mustache , and brown curly hair  that  fell  in  a    kind  of    love   curl   over   his  forehead . He was wearing jeans and
509 1999 SPOK CNN_King the survivor ? HARTLEY : Yes ,  I  mean  ,  I    kind  of    love   what   Joan   is  so capable of getting to her anger
510 2005 FIC Triquarterly n't even know that he is loved  ,  and  by  what    kind  of    love   ,   when   he  is . # But at least he
511 1990 NEWS CSMonitor 's wiser to wait to learn if  it  's  a  lasting    kind  of    love   .   "   She  sang the songs on TV and in
512 1997 FIC Bk:MissingPieces lovemaking that was furious and unfamiliar  and  exciting  .  The    kind  of    lovemaking   that   transports   you  , makes you think that
513 1997 SPOK NPR_Sunday works . You know , whenever I  'm  ,  I  'm    kind  of    low   on   ,   on  inspiration that 's , that 's usually
514 2008 NEWS CSMonitor who asked if she carried a gun  .  "  I  was    kind  of    mad   ,   "   she  says , " but I understand that
515 1997 SPOK NPR_Saturday : I was not really prepared for  it  .  And  it    kind  of    made   me   ,   you  know , feel bad inside . In
516 2008 SPOK CNN Newsroom cancer and I lived to help people  .  And  I  've    kind  of    made   this   my   life  mission . I 've been very active
517 1993 SPOK PBS_Newshour get better . Do you think that  we  're  at  that    kind  of    magic   moment   for   America  ? MR-BAUMEISTER : No , I do
518 2005 FIC Bk:Treehouse His faith in ordinary people 's innate  artistry  gives  him  a    kind  of    magic   touch   .   I  have seen how his belief has led
519 1991 MAG AmerArtist and the brooks that no one knows  about  .  It  's    kind  of    magical   being   near   the  rushing waterfalls . The summer before
520 1996 ACAD InstrPsych children outlined their hands on their  skin-color  squares  .  A    kind  of    magical   excitement   gripped   the  process of the children
521 2003 NEWS Chicago time they got it right . #  The  final  battle  is    kind  of    magnificent   .   I   found  myself thinking of the visionary films
522 1995 SPOK CBS_Sixty unconventional. SAFER : So what do they  want  to  do  ,    kind  of    make   you   --   sort  of Eliza Doolittle you ?
523 2001 SPOK CNN_Talkback most suspect candidates . So you know  ,  I  just  --    kind  of    makes   me   feel   a  little uneasy BATTISTA It bothers you in
524 1994 SPOK Ind_Geraldo this jury . RIVERA : Do you  think  there  's  any    kind  of    malignant   undertone   ?   Do  you think there are people who want
525 1991 SPOK ABC_Nightline emotions swirling around the Rodney King beating  .  And  just  what    kind  of    man   is   Daryl   Gates  ? It depends on who you ask
526 1995 FIC Mov:GetShorty . . MARLENE DIETRICH : (O.S.  )  He  was  some    kind  of    man   .   Karen   smiles  , decides to wait a moment .
527 1996 ACAD LatinAmResRev . # Management 's stake in the  firm  /  In  this    kind  of    managerial   compensation   scheme   ,  the manager has a greater
528 2004 MAG Bicycling than 120,000 times in its first two  days  ,  as  a    kind  of    mass   hysteria   gripped   bike  owners nationwide . Running
529 1992 SPOK CBS_FaceNation ; the examination and cross-examination of  a  witness  about  this    kind  of    material   is   where   the  truth finally comes out . SCHIEFFER :
530 2008 MAG Esquire had other names for it . And  some  of  them  were    kind  of    mean   .   BACK   STORY  : WHAT I 'VE LEARNED After interviewing
531 1999 ACAD ABAJournal cope with those demands , let alone  find  in  them  the    kind  of    meaning   that   can   make  their work more rewarding . They hear
532 2007 NEWS AssocPress such as Spam , which is meat  ,  but  no  particular    kind  of    meat   from   no   particular  place , said Trexler Proffitt , a
533 2010 MAG NatGeog 's magnetic field . That may help  the  turtles  create  a    kind  of    mental   map   .   Their  memory of chemicals or odors in the
534 2002 MAG USNWR and incompetence , Murray believes ,  sends  exactly  the  wrong    kind  of    message   to   leaders   and  the general public alike . # This
535 1990 SPOK PBS_Newshour or that he is going to be  goaded  in  to  some    kind  of    military   action   as   the  embargo begins to squeeze on him ?
536 1990 NEWS AssocPress for all Americans . # " If  he  will  avoid  the    kind  of    military   entanglements   that   destroyed  (Johnson 's ) war on
537 1990 MAG NewRepublic only true superpower . # We do  not  pretend  to  the    kind  of    military   expertise   that   would  permit us confidently to
538 1998 SPOK CBS_Morning vine . I just ca n't believe  it  .  It  's    kind  of    mind   boggling   ,   but  it 's true . The Olympic planning
539 2005 FIC Bk:WarCandlelight and we ran to the avenue to  see  it  :  a    kind  of    miracle   ,   a   ribbon  of gleaming water where the street should
540 2004 SPOK NPR_FreshAir recount going . But it turns out  to  have  been  a    kind  of    miscalculation   ,   because   they  almost conceded too much , and
541 2009 NEWS NYT He would lend a gravitas to the  issue  that  we  're    kind  of    missing   right   now   ,  ' said Senator Tom Harkin , Democrat
542 1994 FIC FantasySciFi made a face at the breeze .  She  hated  making  any    kind  of    mistake   .   But   then  she smiled at the breeze because it
543 1995 FIC Bk:IrishGold I had climbed , I told myself  that  this  was  the    kind  of    moment   of   grace   out  of which poetry was born , indeed
544 2010 SPOK ABC_ThisWeek is going to begin to play against  that  sense  -  the    kind  of    momentum   they   've   created  . DAVID-SANGER-1NEW# And the
545 1998 SPOK NPR_Sunday and work and not doing drugs ,  and  we  spent  the    kind  of    money   and   follow-up   that  that required . I mean I do
546 2004 SPOK NPR_Science Heywoods are reasonably well off , they  did  n't  have  the    kind  of    money   that   it   takes  to fund a race like this .
547 2006 SPOK CNN_Money a very uncommon thing that someone would  say  ,  give  that    kind  of    money   to   another   private  foundation . I do think people will
548 2003 NEWS Denver moments , but not consistent enough for  a  player  making  his    kind  of    money   .   His   offense  slipped some , and was n't nasty
549 2006 MAG WashMonth always be easier for Republicans than  Democrats  to  create  the    kind  of    money-for-access-based   governing   machine   that  DeLay et al .
550 2005 FIC Mov:Island infancy before its growth enzymes misfire  ,  resulting  in  the    kind  of    monstrosities   -   which   are  only effigies - you see here .
551 1999 MAG HarpersMag intervene ? Certainly not because I was  held  back  by  the    kind  of    moral   paralysis   that   can  pass as journalistic objectivity .
552 2004 SPOK CBS_48Hours by sworn statements made by this woman  .  (on-camera)  :  What    kind  of    mother   was   she   ?  ! DAVID : She was
553 1997 SPOK CBS_FaceNation : I have heard a report that  there  may  be  some    kind  of    move   to   perhaps   sue  one of his former attorneys in an
554 1993 NEWS SanFrancisco dozen ' ? That 's my kind  of  guy  and  my    kind  of    movie   .   '   #   About his meteoric rise to stardom over
555 1999 SPOK NPR_Morning movies had less music . Mr-GOLDSMITH :  It  's  just  the    kind  of    movies   we   're   making  now -- the big action sort of
556 1998 SPOK CBS_SatMorn I. MITCHELL : Right . MOLINARI :  But  these  are  the    kind  of    movies   when   I   get  home on a Sunday -- or ,
557 1991 SPOK ABC_Nightline new movie , JFK ? Mr. DEFORD  :  Those  are  the    kind  of    movies   ,   I   think  , that will cancel themselves out .
558 2008 MAG TechReview If we discovered a more advanced life-form  ,  such  as  some    kind  of    multicellular   organism   ,   that  would eliminate a much larger
559 2004 MAG SportingNews Montgomery team . That 's because forward  Josh  Childress  is  the    kind  of    multidimensional   offensive   player   this  program never has
560 2004 SPOK NPR_ATCW Blue " and also Scott Joplin music  ,  and  it  just    kind  of    mushroomed   from   there   .  And I tend to not follow specific
561 2006 SPOK CBS_Morning She said nobody over the age of  14  listens  to  that    kind  of    music   and   if   they  did it would n't be anybody we
562 1991 MAG MotherJones In the late 1980s , different ethnic  groups  fought  over  what    kind  of    music   it   should   play  during prime time salsa , rap ,
563 1992 SPOK ABC_20/20 MARTIN : " The Jerk " 1979  And  this  is  the    kind  of    music   that   tells   me  to go out there and be somebody
564 1999 MAG USCatholic , and justice-about God and how God  loves  everybody  and  the    kind  of    mystical   awareness   one   gets  when you are just being and
565 1999 SPOK NPR_Weekend stuff that myths are made of .  Divine  event  ,  the    kind  of    myth   that   makes   you  masquerade of the father . Get over
566 2003 NEWS WashingtonPost risk involved . But I do n't  think  I  envisioned  the    kind  of    national   attention   that   Coach  Tarkanian brought with him .
567 2007 MAG GoodHouse a snack . " Adults can profit  from  reconnecting  with  that    kind  of    natural   self-regulation   ,   says  Lyubomirsky , especially
568 2010 FIC Bk:NabokovInBrasov completely - I mean completely - unknown  ,  broke  into  a    kind  of    nave   euphoria   :   it  was clear that her sister was the
569 2003 SPOK ABC_GMA You 're hugging that book . And  I  think  that  's    kind  of    neat   .   Oh   ,  yeah , go ahead and hug it
570 2008 FIC Bk:CalumetCity mattress fires , or debts to the  wrong  politicians  .  The    kind  of    neighborhood   that   scares   people  who look too close . // A
571 1990 FIC Bk:HoleLanguage music running through my head like a  sound  track  --  that    kind  of    nerve-jarring   music   they   use  to keep you on the edge of
572 1994 MAG ChristToday borrow the word for " gospel ,  "  proclaiming  a  different    kind  of    new   world   order   altogether  . They would mention Augustus only
573 1992 SPOK CBS_Sixty in , back in ' 60 ...  Stahl  :  It  's    kind  of    nice   .   Baker   :  It 's actually excellent . Stahl :
574 1991 FIC LiteraryRev music . The younger Kopelman stopped playing  .  He  made  some    kind  of    noise   with   his   lips  that made the mufflers disappear . Then
575 2005 FIC SouthwestRev 's being listened for ? Some other  noise  ?  Some  different    kind  of    noise   ?   How   silly  , yet how important it seems to
576 2010 SPOK CBS_FaceNat appellate courts a year ago . She  just  is  not  the    kind  of    nominee   you   would   normally  expect to have . Of course never
577 1994 ACAD Symposium " writing " in Part I is  thus  "  a  puzzling    kind  of    nonwriting   ,   a   writing  , denied , which records precisely the
578 2001 NEWS Denver bet against him , but you 're  talking  about  a  break-your-neck    kind  of    number   ,   '   Baylor  said . ' I mean , it
579 2009 FIC Bk:MercuryInRetrograde magazine Y and her unfortunate habit  of  colliding  with  any    kind  of    obstacle   ,   be   it  a step , an errant tree limb
580 1994 ACAD ArmedForces the main concept . " Professions are  conceptualized  as  a  special    kind  of    occupations   ,   "   Friedson  says , (n61 ) or ,
581 2010 MAG SportingNews get away , so I chose Florida  because  they  ran  the    kind  of    offense   I   was   used  to . In high school , they
582 1995 FIC Bk:Rainmaker company has made an offer to settle  .  "  "  What    kind  of    offer   ?   "   THE  RAINMAKER 205 p205 " Some money .
583 1990 SPOK ABC_Brinkley Mr. SCHULTZE : Correct . Right .  Mr.  WILL  :  What    kind  of    oil   shock   would   it  take ? Is the one we 've
584 2001 MAG USCatholic old lady , although she was little  ,  and  she  was    kind  of    old   ,   at   least  she was n't young , being about
585 2006 SPOK NPR_FreshAir me . I was behind the bar  .  And  you  are    kind  of    on   show   when   you  are a bartender in a busy bar
586 2007 SPOK NPR_ATC that I 'm working in a time  where  those  minds  are    kind  of    opening   to   other   versions  or definitions of what is beautiful
587 2003 MAG PopScience alongside . Such techniques are particularly  well  suited  to  the    kind  of    opportunistic   attacks   that   occur  daily in Iraq and
588 2004 NEWS NewYorkTimes George Bush possesses and John Kerry lacks  ?  There  's  a    kind  of    optimism   in   Chambers   ,  but it 's not exactly sunny .
589 1998 MAG Ms become a member . I wonder if  Yeaw  truly  understands  what    kind  of    organization   she   is   trying  to join . Most people view the
590 1998 SPOK Fox_Cavuto . And , you know , we  've  never  had  this    kind  of    outlook   in   the   past  . So we 're kind of excited
591 1995 SPOK Ind_Limbaugh for this town . Normally , you  do  n't  see  this    kind  of    outpouring   .   The   kind  of outpouring you see in this town
592 2001 SPOK Fox_HC his behavior and historic actions in the  past  ,  warrants  the    kind  of    outrage   that   would   have  accompanied ... COLMES : Oh , but
593 1999 SPOK Fox_Zahn overcharged when they had to upgrade their  Windows  system  .  What    kind  of    overcharges   are   we   talking  about ? CASTLEMAN : Well ,
594 1993 ACAD EnvirAffairs especially in dealing with the first category  ...  that  a  certain    kind  of    ownership   is   inseparable   from  use. 51 # He further reasoned
595 1998 SPOK CNN_Burden I do n't attack capitalism as such  .  I  attack  the    kind  of    paradigm   of   success   .  We view success in this country as
596 2003 MAG MotherJones Bill of Rights . Fear is leading  this  country  to  a    kind  of    paralysis   ,   "   and  now his voice grows louder and louder
597 2008 MAG RollingStone the hell they call it now ,  it  just  made  me    kind  of    paranoid   .   I   did  it lots of times anyway . But
598 1990 SPOK ABC_Jennings A celebration today outside an Israeli  prison  .  PRISONERS  A    kind  of    patriotic   picnic   .   Someone  even baked a cake for the occasion
599 2010 SPOK ABC_ThisWeek economies respond as one voice . They  've  followed  the  same    kind  of    pattern   .   For   now  , they 're beginning to differ .
600 2004 SPOK Ind_Oprah meet the challenges better ? That --  for  me  ,  the    kind  of    people   that   I   surround  myself with , those are the kind
601 1992 NEWS CSMonitor ; we have n't had a raise  in  years  .  The    kind  of    people   that   work   with  me see beyond themselves . " 7668
602 1993 MAG America de 1294-1324 1975 ) . They seem  to  be  the  same    kind  of    people   with   the   same  kinds of needs and hopes , fears
603 2009 SPOK CNN_Velez for taking my call . I would  like  to  know  what    kind  of    people   would   do   something  to little kids like that , would
604 2005 SPOK NPR_Sunday a sample or synthesized theramin sound that  we  used  that  was    kind  of    perfect   and   was   very  easy to control , so we ended
605 2004 FIC Analog her like a person out of the  history  books  ,  a    kind  of    person   that   no   longer  existed . She recognized that loving ,
606 1992 SPOK NPR_Weekend working class before , but now we  find  every  --  every    kind  of    person   walking   in   here  to buy . You know , people
607 1991 SPOK ABC_Nightline for a fourth time ? Mr. DEFORD  :  Becker  is  the    kind  of    person   who   is   losing  interest in his sport , which makes
608 2004 NEWS Denver unnoticed in the mainstream , and you  have  to  be  the    kind  of    person   who   will   seek  it out on your own . '
609 2009 MAG PCWorld for space in the same spot .  If  you  're  the    kind  of    person   who   will   pop  a headset on and off a bazillion
610 2003 ACAD ClearingHouse asked staff , parents , and business  representatives  ,  "  what    kind  of    person   would   you   like  to see graduate from LCMS ? "
611 1998 SPOK ABC_GMA I went to a girls ' school  ,  I  'm  the    kind  of    person   ,   I   would  just talk anyway . And it makes
612 1990 FIC KenyonRev years ? " # " I 'm  just  not  a  language    kind  of    person   .   And   do  n't always be so negative . I
613 2008 FIC SouthwestRev said , " You do n't seem  like  a  Beverly  Hills    kind  of    person   .   Do   you  love living here ? " I nodded
614 1990 SPOK PBS_Newshour DR-BRZEZINSKI : Well , because he is  an  individual  with  that    kind  of    perspective   ,   whereas   ,  Mr. Shevardnadze backed by Mr.
615 1995 SPOK CBS_FaceNation want those who did this thing to  think  they  won  some    kind  of    perverted   victory   .   SCHIEFFER  : All right . I want to
616 2009 SPOK CBS_Early happy people . These people , are  you  all  on  some    kind  of    pharmaceuticals   or   something   ?  Its a lot --
617 2001 SPOK Ind_Oprah through a wake in the water ,  it  's  the  same    kind  of    phenomenon   in   the   air  . WINFREY : Right . Ms-BLAKEY :
618 1993 SPOK CNN_King ca n't measure it . But it  had  to  have  some    kind  of    physical   effect   on   the  structure of this man 's body to
619 2009 SPOK CBS_Early Sh , sh , sh ! and  his  wife  did  n't    kind  of    pick   on   it   ,  and said , Oh , no ,
620 2009 FIC Bk:Revamped ever thought about leaving you for him  !  He  had  some    kind  of    plan   to   steal   your  power , to become whatever it is
621 1996 SPOK CBS_Special out to be . But that is  a  tribute  to  the    kind  of    planning   that   went   into  these Games . The discussion that will
622 2002 FIC FantasySciFi n't get upset , just philosophical .  He  had  hit  some    kind  of    plateau   ,   gone   from  a being with one foot in this
623 2005 SPOK Fox_Gibson are being questioned so we can get  intelligence  on  what  other    kind  of    plots   al   Qaeda   is  hatching against us. ! GIBSON
624 1999 MAG RollingStone her as a person too , because  all  her  photographs  were    kind  of    poetic   and   beautiful   .  I do n't think anyone came out
625 1992 SPOK ABC_Nightline the purposes of tapping my telephone ,  was  to  gather  that    kind  of    political   information   .   Mr.  COLSON : If somebody came to me
626 1991 NEWS SanFrancisco n't care to think in career-move terms  .  I  see  that    kind  of    political   jockeying   in   Hollywood  , and it too often gets in
627 2007 SPOK Fox_Hume campaign season brings a candidate  who  promises  a  new    kind  of    politics   ,   free   of  attacks on rivals . Chief political
628 1998 SPOK NPR_ATC BAND MEMBER : Pompous . UNIDENTIFIED  BAND  MEMBER  :  ...    kind  of    pompous   ,   yeah   .  LAUGHTER If he were to have a
629 2008 SPOK CNN_Dobbs for a liquidity crisis that was coming  their  way  and  they    kind  of    pooh-poohed   and   jeered   me  . And I went away thinking ,
630 2002 SPOK PBS_Newshour CIA and FBI to get the kinds  of  people  in  the    kind  of    positions   that   where   they  can be useful to get them the
631 1996 NEWS Houston Dodgers came after the surgery . #  That  news  was  the    kind  of    positive   reinforcement   Hudek   needed  . # " " After that ,
632 2001 NEWS Denver unhittable . There are few pitchers in  the  game  with  that    kind  of    potential   .   To   get  past the Mariners and Yankees in the
633 1999 SPOK NPR_TalkNation was my forte . It ... Ms-WHITNEY  :  That  's  the    kind  of    power   that   they   had  . Sr-RONAN : Yeah . SUAREZ :
634 2003 SPOK CNN_KingWknd I have Democrats over the years .  But  where  I  am    kind  of    prejudice   is   I   always  pull for people , in a funny
635 1997 SPOK CNN_Talkback laws . I really came in ,  you  know  ,  just    kind  of    prepared   to   listen   to  the testimony before me . So it
636 1997 FIC Bk:MissingPieces p206 " Ssh ! Lower your voice  .  "  "  What    kind  of    present   ?   "   Images  of guns stuffed inside bras and knives
637 1994 SPOK CNN_News going to have accurate results , '  and  that  's  the    kind  of    presentation   that   I   think  is going to resonate with the jury
638 1999 SPOK NBC_MeetPress kinds of questions , we 'll get  an  answer  of  what    kind  of    president   we   want   to  have , not the quiz show .
639 1992 SPOK CBS_Morning the big question in people 's minds  ,  which  is  what    kind  of    president   will   this   guy  be ? And I might add that
640 2007 SPOK CNN_Cooper : You went to school to be  an  attorney  .  What    kind  of    pressure   is   there   in  many Asian-American communities to go to
641 2001 SPOK NPR_TalkNation a hoax . Finally , it turned  out  --  after  some    kind  of    prevarication   it   turned   out  that , in fact , he knew
642 2000 SPOK NBC_Today think that -- that there 's still  an  audience  for  this    kind  of    primetime   soap   ?   Mr-WAGNER  : I think the key is what
643 1993 ACAD Mercury n't believe they gave us so little  telescope  time  !  What    kind  of    priorities   are   they   using  ? " " We 've got time
644 2004 MAG ChristCentury a powerful , largely negative effect on  social  capital  .  This    kind  of    privatization   is   not   just  about our disengagement from
645 2007 SPOK ABC_Nightline arms and so many of them is  an  invitation  to  this    kind  of    problem   .   JAKE-TAPPER-1ABC-#   (Voiceover)  Harris and
646 2004 ACAD SchoolCounsel on multicultural counseling issues .  It  also  identifies  the    kind  of    professional   development   counselors   similar  to those in
647 2002 NEWS CSMonitor that Hamilton has " generally earnest  people  who  need  this    kind  of    program   .   "   He  seems eager to find some kind of
648 2003 SPOK NPR_Science this potential risk of an adverse event  .  And  so  it    kind  of    provides   the   best   of  both there . And I think that
649 2001 SPOK CBS_Sixty , he almost demands that you come  up  with  a  new    kind  of    psychology   to   explain   him  . He s an absolutely devout man
650 2004 SPOK CBS_Morning the real prospect of doing some time  in  prison  with  a    kind  of    public   humiliation   that   I  'm sure she 'll find more
651 2003 NEWS CSMonitor his cot , ready to go .   #  "  I  'm    kind  of    pumped   ,   "   he  says . " We 'll see what
652 1991 MAG WashMonth , the foolishness with Tigar , had  given  way  to  a    kind  of    purposeful   gloom   .   He  was in his pretrial trance . To
653 2010 SPOK PBS_NewsHour B -- of Irans annual budget .  And  the  attempt  to    kind  of    push   back   against   that  as a way of helping the regular
654 1995 SPOK Ind_Geraldo of whatever adversities you have to face  .  '  And  she    kind  of    pushed   me   out   into  the -- into the real world ,
655 1996 SPOK ABC_Turning ELIZABET JANSEN : I was sad and  very  lonely  .  unintelligible    kind  of    pushed   my   feelings   out  of it . Finally , I said
656 2003 SPOK NBC_Today right ? LAUER : Right . Ms-PFEIFFER  :  And  they  had    kind  of    put   me   through   it  . So they sort of felt like
657 2000 SPOK CNN_SunMorn , and I know politics was Rudy  's  business  .  You    kind  of    put   those   aside   when  people say , You know , you
658 2000 FIC Ploughshares of the crucified Christ on your homemade  earring  ,  and  you    kind  of    put   "   when   "  in : The Rio Grande should be
659 2006 ACAD Humanist think it was a form of positive  atheism  .  It  was    kind  of    putting   a   friendly   face  out there about it . I actually
660 2000 FIC Commentary ? " # " Of course not  .  What  the  hell    kind  of    question   is   that   ?  That 's sort of an annoying question
661 1996 SPOK CNN_Burden Is n't that true , Roger ,  that  that  's  the    kind  of    question   --   it   's  an interesting question , but you may
662 1990 SPOK PBS_Newshour everybody 's contributing as much  .  MR-LEHRER  :  What    kind  of    questions   were   you   asked  in Vermont , Senator , over the
663 2001 FIC FantasySciFi was a kitchen . Uneasily , Sage  said  ,  "  What    kind  of    questions   will   we   cover  ? " # " Just whatever comes
664 1993 FIC Bk:Homeland 's room . The madam paid the  coppers  well  for  that    kind  of    quick   action   .   The  madam said she 'd pay for an
665 1994 FIC KenyonRev See , to a lot of these  people  it  's  a    kind  of    quid-pro-quo   ;   they   think  that to be doing this we must
666 2000 SPOK NPR_Sunday results blank for the road blank .  It  's  a  special    kind  of    race   .   Mr-ROSENBLUM   :  Not relay . I 'm drawing a
667 2001 SPOK NBC_Today , that crops up , as you  mentioned  .  This  is    kind  of    rational   because   in   your  mind , you have to be saying
668 2010 SPOK NPR_TellMore : You were saying earlier that some  of  these  candidacies  are    kind  of    reactions   to   the   Obama  presidency . I read that one person
669 2003 SPOK CNN_SatMorn hard to stop . We 're not  going  to  see  any    kind  of    real   slowdown   in   the  globalization of the economy . The world
670 1997 SPOK CBS_48Hours . Judge LILLEY : To prevent people  from  really  doing  this    kind  of    reckless   driving   is   to  let somebody taste the jail . Go
671 1995 SPOK Ind_Limbaugh It is time we all stood up  and  spoke  against  that    kind  of    reckless   speech   and   behavior.  LIMBAUGH : Let me just say ,
672 1993 SPOK NPR_ATC the reasons I started the series of  the  paintings  ,  to    kind  of    record   that   .   Sounds  of ragtime piano music SIEGEL :
673 1996 SPOK CNN_TalkBack ' cause my brother did it when  I  was  younger  ,    kind  of    recreationally   ,   and   I  picked it up . And my mom
674 2003 SPOK NPR_ATCW using the US-led war and its aftermath  to  reach  a  new    kind  of    recruit   .   Ms-STERN   :  Younger and more extreme , more
675 2004 MAG GoodHouse round-trip tickets to Korea . First class  .  The  most  expensive    kind  of    redeemable   ,   refundablewhenever   ticket  you can buy . I asked ,
676 1997 SPOK CBS_FaceNation and every service to find out where  we  can  make  the    kind  of    reductions   that   make   --  make most sense for the full force
677 2001 ACAD ArabStudies following the Second World War , and  that  it  was  a    kind  of    reflection   of   their   hostility  and opposition toward Britain
678 1998 ACAD ClearingHouse assessment . They were also neophytes  with  respect  to  the    kind  of    reflective   analysis   examined   in  this study . Although it is
679 2000 ACAD Style explains that Adrian 's " love of  laughter  seemed  instead  a    kind  of    refuge   ,   a   mildly  orgiastic release ... from the rigors of
680 1991 SPOK CNN_Crossfire of the stupidity of these people and  the  ignorance  of  the    kind  of    regime   they   were   dealing  with in Joe Stalin . They delivered
681 1997 ACAD Environment gas emissions (not to mention other  benefits  )  .  This    kind  of    regime   would   also   give  developing countries economic
682 1997 SPOK CBS_48Hours in the middle of a messy relationship  .  Ms-MENDEZ  :  You    kind  of    regret   getting   involved   .  (Footage-of-Mendez-)
683 2007 SPOK NBC_Today a B. And , I mean ,  just  --  it  's    kind  of    reinvented   his   career   .  He was n't getting such good roles
684 2009 SPOK NPR_TellMore school and kind of surround themselves with  LeBron  and  they  were    kind  of    rejected   ,   I   was  given this opportunity because I sat down
685 2009 SPOK CNN_Cooper there -- we have a question from  our  Facebook  page  which    kind  of    relates   to   that   .  It 's from Matthew (ph )
686 1992 SPOK CBS_FaceNation States ' standpoint ? Do -- should  we  have  a  different    kind  of    relationship   with   Iran   ?  Mr-CHENEY : Well , it -- it
687 1997 SPOK NBC_TodaySat longer to get married , do they  get  into  a  different    kind  of    relationship   ?   Do   they  end up marrying a different type of
688 2007 SPOK NBC_Today Help your children learn how to take  really  deep  breaths  and    kind  of    relax   a   little   bit  . Oftentimes with preschoolers we use the
689 2006 MAG ChristCentury to keep religion out of politics except  when  it  's  your    kind  of    religion   or   your   land  of politics . " This ambivalence at
690 2005 SPOK CNN_Intl really want to talk about collegiality  .  Now  collegiality  means    kind  of    relocating   some   of   the  power back to the diocese , back
691 1992 SPOK CBS_Special Someone who 's comfortable may benefit from  that  ,  '  you    kind  of    remind   me   of   the  old definition of the Puritan who could
692 1998 SPOK NBC_TodaySat not comfortable . Mr-PARGH : They 're  really  not  .  It    kind  of    reminds   me   of   snow  skiing boots . FORD : Right .
693 1998 SPOK NPR_ATC kind of dispassionate tone that you 've  given  it  ?  The    kind  of    reporting   tone   that   it  has ? QUINDLEN : I think that
694 2001 NEWS Atlanta perspicacity " on the flag vote .  "  You  are  my    kind  of    Republican   ,   "   wrote  Kemp , who served as Secretary of
695 1998 FIC Bk:PatchworkPlanet wheelbarrows and donkeys , and praying  hands  molded  from  some    kind  of    resin   ,   and   dolls  dressed like Scarlett O'Hara . Oh ,
696 2006 NEWS Denver They really wanted to get some kind  of  closure  and  some    kind  of    resolution   from   the   diocese  taking responsibility and
697 1997 SPOK Ind_Geraldo to do . Go ahead , Bobbie  .  BOBBIE  :  What    kind  of    respect   do   you   get  ? CARMEN : I get ... BOBBIE
698 1999 FIC Bk:SoftMoney known for in Hollywood is being the  bestorganized  criminals  .  I    kind  of    respect   those   murderers   ,  in a way . Remember a few
699 1992 SPOK ABC_Nightline have made that request directly to the  U.S.  government  .  What    kind  of    response   are   you   getting  ? Mr. SILAJAZIC : At the time
700 2003 SPOK CNN_Intl no orders from the top OAKLEY And  Bill  Emmott  ,  what    kind  of    response   have   you   had  from Mr. Berlusconi to your challenge ?
701 1990 ACAD GeographRev and in unifying themselves with the  everyday  world  created  a    kind  of    restlessness   among   many   Inuit  . Hunting might be the main goal
702 1997 SPOK PBS_Newshour and do it well , I think  we  will  deliver  the    kind  of    results   that   we   ought  to deliver . ELIZABETH-FARNSWOR : The
703 1998 NEWS USAToday of David Wesley and Bobby Phills is  starting  to  produce  the    kind  of    results   the   Hornets   hoped  for when the two were signed as
704 2007 FIC FantasySciFi and quickly turned it into $250 million  .  Even  if  that    kind  of    return   was   earned   honestly  , how to explain to his twenty-four
705 2009 MAG Sunset without getting in a car , we  decide  to  take  another    kind  of    ride   :   a   1  -hour horseback tour of Snodgrass Mountain at
706 2009 SPOK Fox_Hume rights do these detainees now get ?  If  they  get  the    kind  of    rights   out   of   the  courts that will result in their being
707 2004 SPOK NPR_ATC voting machines -- it 's inevitable that  it  will  have  some    kind  of    ripple   effect   across   the  country . Really one of two things
708 1993 SPOK CNN_King me in different types of roles ,  so  this  is  a    kind  of    role   that   I   could  n't resist . And it kind of
709 2008 SPOK NBC_Dateline photos . Those photos show Janet had  been  strangled  with  some    kind  of    rope   ,   wire   or  belt . (Snow ;
710 2003 MAG SportingNews stop the run . But if you  want  to  see  that    kind  of    run   defense   these   days  , you 'll need to catch ESPN
711 1995 SPOK CBS_FaceNation Americans what they should be doing in  the  world  ,  what    kind  of    sacrifices   they   've   got  to make . This is especially true
712 2002 ACAD HospitalTopic 's deathbed . " Every deathbed can  be  understood  as  a    kind  of    sacrificial   altar   .   In  dying one would become simultaneously
713 2002 FIC NewEnglandRev the air and squinting like a blind  guy  .  It  was    kind  of    sad   ,   but   I  could see how he deserved it ,
714 1997 NEWS USAToday I 'm leaving it up to the  FBI  .  It  's    kind  of    sad   .   If   players  were involved , I feel sorry for
715 2008 SPOK ABC_GMA wan na give Washington a blank check  ,  and  without  any    kind  of    safeguard   ,   because   that  's part of what got us into
716 1993 SPOK CNN_Sonya ' Well , who was this guy  ?  '  And  I    kind  of    said   flippantly   at   first  , ' I guess he was my
717 2008 SPOK ABC_20/20 little bit scared . And you 're  strangers  ,  and  I    kind  of    said   that   this   would  be a pretty normal response for her
718 2004 SPOK CNN_King Nobody knows where they are . And  basically  ,  I  just    kind  of    said   ,   Well   ,  just give me just a minute .
719 2004 SPOK NPR_Sunday Ah , cowardly . SHORTZ : And  it  's  also  a    kind  of    sapsucker.   Ms-OAKLEY   :   Yellowbellied  sapsucker ?
720 1996 SPOK CBS_Sixty will never go on trial . You  will  never  receive  that    kind  of    satisfaction   of   justice   being  done . What is it that will
721 1994 NEWS WashingtonPost children left the family farm . #  "  I  guess  they    kind  of    saw   the   handwriting   on  the wall , " he said of
722 1998 NEWS Denver that this artifice may have originated when  '  I  got  there    kind  of    saying   ,   "   Oh  , gee , here are your letters
723 1998 FIC Frontiers the mermaids . But he was far  from  incompetent  .  What    kind  of    scandal   were   they   concocting  in Allabeena County ? # From
724 1992 NEWS CSMonitor first grader , taking the city bus  to  school  had  been    kind  of    scary   .   All   those  people . All those sounds - roaring
725 2005 SPOK NBC_Today then flew home to San Francisco .  Ms-GARCIA  :  It  's    kind  of    scary   .   I   started  my freshman year of high school and
726 2002 NEWS CSMonitor voucher , but declined . " When  we  found  out  what    kind  of    school   this   was   ,  we did n't even want it ,
727 2003 SPOK NPR_Science the life of the history of a  lion  '  to  What    kind  of    science   is   being   conducted  about lions ? ' And so people
728 1995 ACAD PerspPolSci Should we exult or grieve that political  science  is  not  that    kind  of    science   '   ?   At  times it seems as if the generational
729 2007 NEWS AssocPress , minimizes security holes . Web software  is  "  a  new    kind  of    science   ,   "   he  says . # Mr. Merrill also points
730 1992 FIC BkSF:Imbalance be hiding something from you , Counselor  ?  Putting  up  some    kind  of    screen   to   keep   you  from sensing their emotions ? " After
731 1999 FIC LitCavalcade did . But I was wrong ;  he  was  a  new    kind  of    Scylding   .   He   must  have started tracking me that same morning
732 1998 ACAD Humanist awareness of certain of its own states  or  functions  --  a    kind  of    self-monitoring   .   #    This  concept of the mind may help us
733 2009 ACAD AnthropolQ special physical features of the  character.  n4  Although  this    kind  of    self-objectification   and   self-distancing   process  is
734 2001 FIC Analog of his xenoneurology assignment three times  before  it  made  any    kind  of    sense   .   "   The  patient , " Orchid said , "
735 2009 SPOK CNN_Brown There was n't a hint of a  policy  solution  or  any    kind  of    serious   thought   anywhere   near  that . It was just a dumb
736 2005 SPOK CBS_SixtyII my country for over 34 years and  this  is  a  different    kind  of    service   .   And   its  one perhaps , when its all said
737 2001 SPOK NPR_Science the kids asking us the questions ,  and  it  was  all    kind  of    set   up   so   that  there was no repeats and everybody got
738 2009 MAG Cosmopolitan near his bepillowed boudoir to show him  that  you  desire  the    kind  of    sex   that   can   happen  anytime , any place . Yes ,
739 1999 ACAD SexResearch questionnaire to ensure that they were all  thinking  of  the  same    kind  of    sexual   behavior   when   answering  the questions . # Consent
740 1999 SPOK NBC_Today have for a little allure . COURIC  :  And  that  's    kind  of    sexy   ,   is   n't  it ? Ms-WESTON : And this will
741 2008 SPOK CBS_Sixty a marvel to watch the bells and  whistles  that  people  are    kind  of    shaking   their   heads   at  in wonderment were a direct result of
742 2008 NEWS USAToday who advanced to the World Series .  //  "  It  's    kind  of    shocking   to   see   how  bad it 's been , " Diamondbacks
743 1998 ACAD PhysicalEduc game . Nick wrote # One girl  in  this  class  is    kind  of    shorter   than   average   .  At one time , she was positioned
744 2007 MAG GolfMag away from the target ) . Then  ,  depending  on  the    kind  of    shot   you   're   trying  to hit , concentrate on either the
745 2006 SPOK CNN_AM I mean , if the deadline eventually  does  lead  to  some    kind  of    showdown   with   military   action  , it is realistic , I think
746 1991 FIC Ploughshares " Wes said , with concern .   #  "  He  's    kind  of    shy   ,   "   Sandra  explained . " He hides under the
747 1997 SPOK NPR_Morning ability to heal and your ability to  stay  away  from  any    kind  of    sicknesses   .   Now   that  I have kids , though , it
748 2000 FIC VirginiaQRev caroling . Eugene explained to Donald what  that  meant  .  The    kind  of    signal   it   is   ,  when you ask someone if he knows
749 2004 SPOK CNN_LiveSun ) DR . JUDITH STEINBERG DEAN :  I  thought  it  looked    kind  of    silly   .   But   I  thought it looked OK . (END
750 2009 MAG Atlantic . But in a church where failure  is  seen  as  a    kind  of    sin   ,   it   seems  credulous at best to expect an honest
751 2006 SPOK CNN_Showbiz And addiction is cunning , baffling and  powerful  ,  and  it    kind  of    sits   on   your   shoulder  and tells you youre OK and whispers
752 1998 SPOK ABC_GMA be breathing the low- quality air .  It  's  the  same    kind  of    situation   if   somebody   was  in a room that was burning ,
753 1990 MAG ChildrenToday and instead assist the parent in doing  so  .  In  this    kind  of    situation   ,   such   exercises  as rehearsal and role playing are
754 2006 SPOK CNN_Presents several years , we do n't want  a  repetition  of  this    kind  of    situation   .   We   do  n't want to have the Curve Ball
755 2001 SPOK PBS_Newshour of that small growth before we 're  in  a  huge  fire    kind  of    situation   .   ELIZABETH-FARNSWOR   :  Today , fire crews in
756 2003 SPOK CNN_LiveFrom it 's very easy to be caught  off  guard  in  these    kind  of    situations   .   O'BRIEN   :  All right . Colonel Mike Turner ,
757 1991 SPOK PBS_Newshour and compare him with the President ,  made  the  President  look    kind  of    skinny   .   MR-LEUBSDORF   :  Well , it made him look --
758 1998 SPOK CBS_PublicEye slave grandmother firsthand . What did they  tell  you  about  what    kind  of    slave   owners   the   Balls  were ? Ms-EMILY-FRAYER : Used to whip
759 1994 FIC ArkansasRev sitting up with us , she 'd  be  offended  .  I    kind  of    smile   like   a   polite  stranger , feeling uncomfortable . It 's
760 1996 FIC Mov:BottleRocket n't remember shit . CRS. # BOB  #  Oh  .  Anthony    kind  of    smiles   .   #   DIGNAN  # Tell Mr. Henry I said that
761 2006 NEWS SanFrancisco In the beginning , while playing the  game  ,  I  am    kind  of    sober   ,   "   said  Choi , who is tall and muscled
762 2001 SPOK NPR_Morning attention to defense , they could turn  our  attention  to  the    kind  of    Social   Security   reforms   the  president wants to do . But
763 2001 NEWS NewYorkTimes important country in Kosovo as in NATO  ,  and  provide  the    kind  of    sophisticated   equipment   ,   logistics  and
764 1994 FIC Bk:NorthMontana Mediterranean on Twentieth Street . Theodora  Feign  could  be  the    kind  of    source   Galloway   is   looking  for . But if I call her
765 1998 MAG BoysLife Watch Out for That Cow ! No  computer  can  produce  this    kind  of    special   effect   .   Any  special effects actually filmed in live
766 2010 ACAD MechanicalEng could function best under the guidance of  a  new  ,  superior    kind  of    specialist   ,   the   efficiency  expert or management expert . The
767 2005 SPOK PBS_Tavis , and I feel as a people  ,  we  've  been    kind  of    spinning   our   wheels   in  profound ways for many , many years
768 2010 SPOK NPR_TalkNat , looking at it , I never  dreamt  that  it  would    kind  of    spiral   down   as   fast  as it did . I mean ,
769 1993 MAG America with marriage , in many ways ,  because  there  is  a    kind  of    stability   and   security   and  rock upon which to build one 's
770 1994 NEWS CSMonitor brings life to the second , while  the  second  brings  a    kind  of    stability   to   the   first  . In Chardin 's hands , the
771 2009 SPOK NPR_TalkNat what was happening . And the women  just  seem  to  be    kind  of    stacked   up   ,   one  on top of the other , as
772 1999 SPOK Fox_Crier I do not involve myself . You  know  ,  I  just    kind  of    stand   there   or   go  do some other work or something like
773 2008 SPOK ABC_ThisWeek Around the world we 've seen a  precipitous  fall  from  the    kind  of    standing   and   credibility   that  we 've had historically in the
774 2003 SPOK CNN_Chung images and send her pictures that I  've  done  ,  we    kind  of    starting   a   dialogue   and  we evolved the idea together CHUNG
775 2002 NEWS WashingtonPost , and when more of those kind  of  people  make  that    kind  of    statement   about   the   Washington  area , it 's always positive .
776 1993 SPOK Ind_Limbaugh by Rush Limbaugh. (Cheers) Woman 1 :  Is  n't  that  some    kind  of    stinky   cheese   --   Rush  Limbaugh ? Please welcome Suede .
777 2009 ACAD Archaeology around with gloveless hands and a metal  rod  ,  determining  what    kind  of    stone   he   found   by  sound and vibration . But navigating and
778 1991 NEWS NewYorkTimes sit down to write a story ,  I  will  write  the    kind  of    stories   which   I   write  . It 's true that since I
779 1991 SPOK CNN_Crossfire space , its tremendous investigatory  powers  toward  doing  this    kind  of    story   rather   than   worrying  about the kinds of things that they
780 2008 FIC Read as bad as the rumors suggest ,  we  could  have  the    kind  of    story   that   would   boost  readership and maybe even prompt some
781 2010 FIC Bk:ArcadiaFallsNovel . I could n't blame her for  losing  faith  in  that    kind  of    storybook   ending   .   It  is n't much fun being really lost
782 1993 FIC Bk:BorderMusic do with the remain-der of his years  .  Always  find  it    kind  of    strange   a   seventeen-year-old   boy  decides what a
783 1997 FIC Ploughshares just by ignoring the furniture . You  can  get  your  own    kind  of    strength   .   I   looked  hard at Martha Madison . From the
784 2006 SPOK MSNBC_Matt , this is the kind of stuff  --  this  is  the    kind  of    stress   theyre   under.   Listen  , I do nt excuse it ,
785 1996 SPOK Ind_Geraldo about it . (Footage-from-video) RIVERA :  (  Voiceover  )  Some    kind  of    stretching   therapy   .   N  -- now , Heidi , I read
786 1990 SPOK PBS_Newshour whole issue is one that society has  got  to  continue  to    kind  of    struggle   with   .   You  know , I feel that the gap
787 2004 FIC Bk:Persuader n't interested in the new Fords .  I  could  see  that    kind  of    stubborn   old-timer   personality   in  the way he held himself . He
788 1992 SPOK ABC_20/20 you see things from here ? Ms.  LUNDEN  :  Putting  this    kind  of    stuff   behind   me   and  going on with a life that will
789 1996 MAG Ms There 's a belief that ... it  's  1995  ,  that    kind  of    stuff   does   n't   happen  anymore . " Born in 1966 ,
790 1996 NEWS SanFrancisco . # " They do n't want  people  to  know  that    kind  of    stuff   is   going   on  , " said Lyle , who as
791 1997 MAG People back in line and continue going for  the  summit  .  This    kind  of    stuff   is   so   poignant  to me , because it ended up
792 2005 SPOK MSNBC_Carlson me want to throw up. CARLSON :  Yes.  MAHER  :  That    kind  of    stuff   --   that   would  not have happened under Bill Clinton. You
793 2004 SPOK NPR_ATCW . You have to stay out of  trouble  ,  all  that    kind  of    stuff   .   And   I  just remember thinking that I wanted to
794 1995 FIC Bk:SilentTreatment crossed the line separating antiques from junk  .  Hardly  Evie  's    kind  of    stuff   .   There   was  no chance she would have gone out
795 1997 SPOK Ind_Springer two children . I do n't let  them  look  at  this    kind  of    stuff   .   GRIMPLE   :  Forget about it . TONY : Two
796 2000 SPOK CNN_Politics to do , make sure that we  emphasize  education  and  these    kind  of    subjects   WOODRUFF   On   the  question of abortion , I know you
797 1991 FIC SouthernRev 's -- or any martyr 's --  suffering  )  :  the    kind  of    sublime   and   worthy   suffering  that makes Bach 's St. Matthew 's
798 2002 ACAD October the time of the midterm or the  final  ,  as  a    kind  of    subtraction   problem   ,   an  implicit and directed ciphering out
799 1997 SPOK NPR_Morning of all Malcolm Yelvington , thinks he  could  have  gotten  the    kind  of    success   Elvis   Presley   did  if only he 'd gotten there first
800 1999 FIC Bk:Vector turned to glance at his friend .  "  Is  that  some    kind  of    suggestion   ?   "   Curt  shrugged . " Just something to keep
801 2006 SPOK CNN_SunMorn turnout was -- was pretty healthy .  I  think  the  newspaper    kind  of    sums   it   up   .  There you see a little fist-pumping from
802 2008 SPOK NPR_FreshAir just had a baby . She 's  governor  .  She  's    kind  of    super   mom   .   She  's doing all these things and struggling
803 2008 FIC Bk:AdulteryClub ) . I 'm afraid I do  n't  believe  in  that    kind  of    superstitious   Destiny   nonsense   ,  any more than I do
804 1999 SPOK NPR_Science it . I 'm looking forward to  two  years  of  that    kind  of    surprise   ,   you   know  , the biker bit , if you
805 2002 SPOK CNN_OnStory the speech up by saying America is  in  recession  ,  which    kind  of    surprised   me   .   I  mean , it 's one thing we
806 1999 SPOK NBC_Today -- far and away a new record  .  And  I  was    kind  of    surprised   ,   because   a  lot of folks were saying that the
807 2002 SPOK CNN_King you know , there 's an interesting  thing  that  has  been    kind  of    surprising   to   me   .  When I go to Belgium or to
808 2008 SPOK Fox_Hume Newsweek " is the political reporting equivalent  of  that  ,  that    kind  of    swooning   .   I   have  never seen anything like it . It
809 1991 SPOK PBS_Newshour the constituency for those people  tends  to  underfund  that    kind  of    system   .   There   is  a danger that this will set up
810 2000 SPOK NPR_ATCW your first reaction ? KEENE : I  first  had  to  just    kind  of    take   a   step   back  and kind of let it sink in
811 2000 MAG Fortune after business after business , " he  says  .  Despite  that    kind  of    talk   Kitze   insists   that  NBG wo n't get pulled in all
812 2000 NEWS WashingtonPost " # As it does in other  oil-producing  countries  ,  that    kind  of    talk   plays   well   in  the streets . Julio Cesar Morales ,
813 2004 MAG Forbes says . There 's a little bit  of  hubris  in  this    kind  of    talk   --   but   Ghosn  is entitled to be boastful . #
814 2005 MAG CountryLiving showed us how to make candles the  Pilgrim  way  ,  the    kind  of    tapered   white   candles   they  would use to see to mend their
815 2008 SPOK Fox_HC Go ahead , Hugh . HEWITT :  I  call  it  the    kind  of    tax   policy   that   can  repeat 1977 and 1981 . We 're
816 1993 FIC Mov:FatalInstinct know . It 's a technicality .  But  it  's  the    kind  of    technicality   that   makes   the  American legal system what it is
817 1996 SPOK CBS_Sixty fascinated by entomology , the study of  bugs  --  not  the    kind  of    teen-ager   anyone   thought   was  about to commit a horrible crime
818 1998 FIC KenyonRev let the doctor take his temperature !  "   #  "  What    kind  of    temperature   taking   is   this  ? " Pero asked . " Anybody
819 1998 ACAD CanadaLaw a little sign that said , "  Are  you  for  this    kind  of    terrorism   or   against   it  ? If you are against it ,
820 2003 SPOK NPR_ATC that without exempting systems as a matter  of  law  from  this    kind  of    testing   .   SIEGEL   :  Can one make the argument that the
821 2001 SPOK CBS_48Hours ! UNIDENTIFIED-FEMAL : In a  way  ,  I  was    kind  of    thankful   ...        ! SPENCER : At first , Chads
822 1990 SPOK CNN_King a decision , and choices are made  ,  and  they  're    kind  of    that   way   for   posterity  on celluloid KING Yes . Mr. GIBSON
823 2001 MAG Jet their boyfriends do n't have their acts  together  .  I  'm    kind  of    the   counselor   for   my  girls , " Fox tells JET .
824 2001 SPOK PBS_Newshour to hear , you know , Lyle  and  Holly  talk  about    kind  of    the   historical   conditions   when  the forests were not as dense .
825 2008 SPOK CBS_48Hours bucks at the end of it .  Mr-HUMPHREY  :  That  was    kind  of    the   only   reason   I  wrote it . MAHER : That does
826 2005 SPOK NPR_FreshAir Well , they do n't like publicity  and  ...  GROSS  :    Kind  of    the   opposite   of   al-Qaeda.  Mr-CLARKE : The exact opposite of
827 1994 SPOK Ind_Geraldo kisses a guy , she kisses a  girl  .  It  's    kind  of    the   same   thing   .  I mean , how do you feel
828 2005 SPOK Fox_Saturday that . I would also say that  the  Roberts  nomination  was    kind  of    the   White   House   's  show for reasons Neal suggested . This
829 2010 FIC Bk:DifficultWangPosition at her again . She was about  thirty-five  ,  with  the    kind  of    thin   ,   white-blond   hair  that showed a lot of skull contour
830 1992 SPOK ABC_20/20 You 've been around sports promotional events  before  .  Is  that    kind  of    thing   common   ?   Mr.  KELLY : Well , maybe in the
831 1997 SPOK CNN_Burden questions to ask about the -- you  know  ,  doing  that    kind  of    thing   for   that   purpose  . There -- you could imagine eventually
832 1993 SPOK Ind_Geraldo . As Jeannie said earlier , I  do  n't  think  that    kind  of    thing   happens   there   .  I mean , Jackie has been a
833 2005 SPOK MSNBC_MeetPress they 're sort of manipulated around ,  saying  this  is  the    kind  of    thing   he   said.   The  Rush Limbaugh comment was one that I
834 2003 FIC FantasySciFi which his dad had told him that  this  was  not  the    kind  of    thing   he   wanted   to  see James writing , this was not
835 1998 MAG Redbook her daughter and had a blast .  "  That  's  the    kind  of    thing   I   never   would  have done before , " she says
836 2000 ACAD AmerScholar asks candidates whether they prefer vegetarian  meals  .  "  This    kind  of    thing   is   by   itself  sufficient to alienate plenty of decent
837 1991 FIC Bk:FiremansFair " she said . Jack looked at  Rob  .  "  What    kind  of    thing   is   that   to  say to a hardworking man ? "
838 2008 ACAD TheologStud God , and the way it does  so  depends  on  the    kind  of    thing   it   is   .  An intellectual soul , transformed by grace
839 1999 SPOK ABC_Nightline in private practice . (interviewing )  Do  you  think  the    kind  of    thing   that   happened   to  you leads to a chilling effect on
840 2010 SPOK NPR_TellMore to journalists , or traditional journalists ?  Or  is  this  the    kind  of    thing   that   just   is  another sign that the old ways are
841 2008 NEWS AssocPress 's impressive , " Holliday said .  "  That  's  the    kind  of    thing   that   makes   an  impression on the team , the manager
842 2006 SPOK CNN_King to be able to build a huge  stage  and  do  the    kind  of    thing   that   we   wanted  to do in order to make it
843 2005 FIC Bk:Untelling 'd read in pamphlets about urban renewal  .  This  was  the    kind  of    thing   that   we   told  our parents . My mother had said
844 1999 MAG AmericanCraft power figure in the African  collection  that  is  preciselythe    kind  of    thing   that   ,   in  the galleries , should prove provocative and
845 1998 SPOK CBS_Morning I went out of office , that  there  would  be  this    kind  of    thing   this   soon   ,  but nevertheless it 's there . And
846 1994 SPOK CBS_Morning 's what you get . Now that  's  just  not  the    kind  of    thing   we   want   our  kids to have . It 's all
847 1996 SPOK Ind_Limbaugh know what they 're talking about .  And  that  's  the    kind  of    thing   we   're   up  against . Whether or not you can
848 2004 SPOK NPR_Morning do you start to get concerned ?  It  's  exactly  the    kind  of    thing   where   if   something  had happened that was clearly tied to
849 2008 MAG MotherJones real question became , is this a  future  peril  ,  the    kind  of    thing   you   take   out  a reasonably priced insurance policy to
850 1992 SPOK NPR_Weekend heighten the experience . Chadwick :  Is  this  this  the    kind  of    thing   you   think   every  orchestra should -- should have ? Neal
851 1999 SPOK ABC_GMA : We have a couple of clips  that  do  include  the    kind  of    thing   you   're   talking  about . Let 's take a look
852 2004 SPOK PBS_Tavis . The song has an arc .  It  's  an  epic    kind  of    thing   ,   and   it  simmers for 12 minutes . And in
853 1990 FIC AntiochRev said -- I have heard her say  --  that  for  that    kind  of    thing   ,   for   the  kind of thing we were , once
854 2010 NEWS Houston 's very strong procedures that are followed  to  avoid  just  that    kind  of    thing   ,   "   he  said . " There 's no doubt
855 1994 SPOK Ind_Geraldo like him better , you know ,  feel  sorry  for  him    kind  of    thing   .   I   do  n't know . I do n't understand
856 2004 SPOK PBS_Tavis kind of thing . Tavis : Yeah  .  Aretha  :  That    kind  of    thing   .   Tavis   :  I just love this , man .
857 2008 FIC Bk:LastCall from parked vehicles ,  some  vandalism  ,  that    kind  of    thing   .   Theo   had  never really hurt anyone , at least
858 2005 SPOK CNN_Turn the bank ? VICKERS : This is  a  life  or  death    kind  of    thing   .   (   END  VIDEOTAPE ) (COMMERCIAL BREAK ) (
859 2007 MAG Bicycling : Why is Landis the first accused  athlete  to  do  this    kind  of    thing   ?   He   says  he ca n't speak for why others
860 1995 SPOK CBS_Morning and basic human rights , the alleviation  of  suffering  ,  those    kind  of    things   are   part   of  our lives . But rea -- really
861 2006 SPOK Fox_HC to get them to work in this  crisis  ?  Because  the    kind  of    things   that   seem   to  be talked about in the paper are
862 1998 SPOK PBS_Newshour this makes it easier . So we  're  doing  all  the    kind  of    things   we   can   to  make the job easier for our employees
863 2002 SPOK CNN_KingWknd world knows this ? No , I  'm  not  into  those    kind  of    things   ,   really   ANDERSON  Either of them KING OK . All
864 1995 SPOK ABC_DayOne , one of those , you know  ,  caps  and  gown    kind  of    things   .   DIANE   SAWYER  : And Bijou- jewels- I 'll leave
865 2001 FIC FantasySciFi continue , but he just went on  smiling  .  "  What    kind  of    things   ?   "   she  asked . # " Things , "
866 2002 SPOK NBC_Today Mr-GRAY : It is a concern .  I  mean  ,  I    kind  of    think   that   we   have  n't had time , really , to
867 2005 MAG SportingNews consecutive passes in the first half ,  says  ,  "  I    kind  of    think   we   had   to  see it to believe it . "
868 1991 SPOK CNN_Novak wait . Mr. BUCHWALD : Now you  do  n't  have  any    kind  of-    this   country   is   completely  out of communists . I heard that
869 1996 SPOK CBS_FaceNation , Bob , I would n't draw  too  many  conclusions  from    kind  of    this   first   reaction   .  I think you ought to read the
870 2005 FIC FantasySciFi eight hours breaking up gobs of clay  ,  these  are  the    kind  of    thoughts   that   run   through  Jared 's head , - the blast
871 1991 MAG Conservation alarmed Tug Hill 's residents . Averted  thus  far  ,  this    kind  of    threat   ,   like   thunder  rumbling in the distance , is ever
872 2006 NEWS Chicago Johnson said . " There are a  lot  of  kids  that    kind  of    throw   their   lives   away  and do n't even realize they are
873 1998 ACAD PublicInterest becomes the norm in American schooling .  In  contrast  to  the    kind  of    tight   command   structures   that  prevail within intellectual
874 1993 SPOK ABC_Jennings that step and make this type of  time  ,  give  this    kind  of    time   to   people   ?  BILL REDEKER : It worked . As
875 2010 ACAD Writer down a moment . Many fine writers  are  masters  of  this    kind  of    time   travel   .   Slowing  down time , recapturing the past ,
876 2006 FIC FantasySciFi . But in writing Counterfactuals , you  had  to  provide  some    kind  of    tipping-point   ,   some   event  that would have changed
877 2005 SPOK NBC_Dateline said that I really did n't want  to  .  I  was    kind  of    tired   ,   and   I  ended up falling asleep . And the
878 2002 FIC BkSF:DevilOlRosie 'd peeled them , listening to Ma  as  she  'd  sung    kind  of    to   herself   ,   songs  like " Bringing in the Sheaves "
879 1996 SPOK CBS_48Hours like making a promise to yourself and  ,  you  know  ,    kind  of    to   other   people   .  It 's like you 're saying ,
880 2000 SPOK ABC_GMA Because I love looking good , and  you  ca  n't  be    kind  of    too   budgy   trying   to  look good , you know . So
881 1997 SPOK ABC_Primetime did it . You know , it  hurt  .  But  it    kind  of    took   away   me   being  mad on the inside . I was
882 2001 SPOK CNN_CapGang , moves it is off center stage  --  like  Ken  Starr    kind  of    took   Monica   Lewinsky   and  buried it for a while because he
883 1997 MAG People a previous marriage that had ended in  divorce  .  Raymond  "    kind  of    took   over   ,   "  Martin says . " He took them
884 1995 SPOK ABC_20/20 , they give you a car ,  and  it  would  be    kind  of    tough   stepping   out   of  a 560SCL Mercedes and park that in
885 2004 NEWS Houston , " meaning people who were not  Christians  .  "  He    kind  of    toyed   around   with   this  idea too . # " Right now
886 1996 MAG PsychToday not what they can afford , and  they  've  lost  any    kind  of    tradition   of   saving   and  working for the future . PT :
887 1995 SPOK CBS_Morning that I 've seen people do through  25  years  of  the    kind  of    tragedy   that   we   're  talking about . And she 's right
888 2007 SPOK Fox_HC heart of Virginia tonight . You know  ,  this  is  the    kind  of    tragedy   that   you   never  wish upon anyone . You certainly never
889 2005 SPOK NBC_Today having been through a tragedy of your  own  ,  a  different    kind  of    tragedy   ,   but   one  that resulted in many lost lives and
890 2000 ACAD PerspPolSci reporter Linda Greenhouse wrote : " I  see  myself  as  a    kind  of    translator   .   "   (  n42 ) In filling that role reporters
891 1998 NEWS Atlanta home -- and that I was opening  the  door  to  any    kind  of    trash   that   wanted   to  move into our community . I do
892 1999 SPOK ABC_20/20 her vagina . ELIZABETH VARGAS : ( on  camera  )  What    kind  of    trauma   ?   LINDA   ARNDT  : It would be trauma that would
893 1992 SPOK CNN_Sonya dropped out of the groups because it  was  n't  the  right    kind  of    treatment   for   them   .  We tend not to hear from the
894 1992 MAG SatEvenPost the Child . # Frankincense is a  resin  ,  from  a    kind  of    tree   held   so   sacred  of old that in southern Arabia and
895 2003 FIC Analog . Two I-Vs , three patients-I would  have  to  do  some    kind  of    triage   .   #    "  I can give you a hand ,
896 1997 SPOK NPR_Sunday . We joked about that quite a  bit  .  But  I    kind  of    tried   to   employ   a  style of actin ' with Bruce in
897 2000 SPOK NPR_ATCW we gravitated to has a mixture of  synthesizers  ,  violins  and    kind  of    tropical   beats   .   And  we thought , Wow , what 's
898 2002 SPOK Fox_Cavuto : Brazil , Spain , Germany ,  England  .  Theyre  all    kind  of    tucked   in   there   as  the guys to beat , right ?
899 2000 SPOK NPR_ATCW couple . We did do some planting  ,  but  then  we    kind  of    turned   it   over   to  the professionals that knew what they were
900 1999 SPOK ABC_Nightline n't say yes , you do n't  participate  .  Iceland  's    kind  of    turned   that   on   its  head . If you do n't say
901 2007 SPOK CBS_Early bobbing my foot . CHEN : Yeah  ,  I  see  you    kind  of    twisting   around   your   ankle  there . Mr-DEAVER : OK ? All
902 2000 SPOK CNN_Movers going to be very public . It  's  going  to  be    kind  of    ugly   .   But   I  think money will not leave the market
903 1992 NEWS Atlanta shredded carrots , milk , sweeteners and  almonds  -  is  the    kind  of    unassertively   sweet   dessert   that  makes vegetarian living a
904 2008 MAG Bicycling comfortable- " " But is n't that  hard  white  plastic  seat    kind  of    uncomfortable   ?   "   "  No , no , my man ,
905 2005 NEWS WashingtonPost ball to tailback Tiki Barber . #  "  The  coaches  were    kind  of    undecided   whether   to   put  that on my shoulders , whether I
906 1994 SPOK NPR_ATC laughs Well also , I have no  desire  to  know  what    kind  of    underpants   you   wear   .  But what I 'm getting to is
907 2002 NEWS WashingtonPost , calls him " Bill Parcells-Lite .  "   #  "  He    kind  of    understands   what   buttons   to  push on each individual -- like
908 1996 NEWS Denver ordinary demands of daily living , leave  little  time  for  the    kind  of    unfettered   thinking   and   dreaming  that the creative process
909 2007 SPOK CBS_48Hours Dr-GAILIUNAS : (Voiceover) There 's  huge  areas  that  are    kind  of    ungoverned   .   It   's  not a city where you can feel
910 2005 NEWS Atlanta CNN.com . " I wonder if it  would  be  the  same    kind  of    unifier   if   the   original  came out today . When it came
911 2006 NEWS Houston I enjoyed the outdoors and the whole  scenery  .  It  was    kind  of    unique   in   that   most  people are prideful of the community ,
912 2006 FIC Callaloo managed a nod . " Uh-huh .  "   #  "  What    kind  of    unit   are   you   running  over there ? " # Janet shrugged
913 1995 NEWS SanFrancisco # And with the cityscapes as well  ,  there  is  a    kind  of    unrealizable   quality   about   them  that has to do with yearning
914 2000 SPOK NPR_ATC to sort of tailor somebody into that  district  because  of  the    kind  of    unusual   mix   .   GONZALES  : And that helps explain why the
915 1992 FIC KansasQ American family ? By definition ,  I  explained  ,  that    kind  of    up-bringing   is   antithetical   to  art . My father with his slide
916 1991 SPOK CNN_Crossfire place now and rather than continue  television  diplomacy  ,  a    kind  of    up-manship   and   showdown   at  OK Corral . Will he in these
917 1994 SPOK PBS_Newshour . MR-LEHRER : Mr. Secretary , are  you  comfortable  with  this    kind  of    use   of   your   forces  , of the military of the United
918 2009 ACAD Commentary , transcending time and change , Tibet  became  for  many  a    kind  of    Utopia   --   a   Shangri-La  . <> That , of course ,
919 2005 MAG TotalHealth , you can be sure we 'd  be  looking  for  some    kind  of    vaccine   .   "   In  totalhealth 's article " Healthy Families
920 1994 SPOK PBS_Newshour I have one here with me today  .  This  is  the    kind  of    vacuum   tube   that   you  can find in Los Angeles and other
921 1992 SPOK ABC_Nightline 's been doing the past 200 years  .  2nd  RESPONDENT  :    Kind  of    vague   ,   from   what  I heard , but he 's smart
922 2010 MAG Esquire under the adolescent supposition that drinking  in  bars  was  a    kind  of    value   equation   ,   a  contest won by finding a bartender who
923 2009 FIC Bk:SpecialProvidence ? French fries , I guess ,  but  I  mean  what    kind  of    vegetable   ?   Or   would  you rather skip the vegetable and have
924 2004 SPOK CNN_Reliable Kodak moments , is n't -- does  n't  TV  become  a    kind  of    vehicle   for   the   stagecraft  that the parties and the nominees
925 2000 MAG TownCountry on the phone . I decided that  if  I  spoke  a    kind  of    very   quick   ,   machine-gun  French , I might be able to
926 1991 SPOK CNN_NewsSat : I hope so . Unfortunately ,  we  already  have  a    kind  of    victory   euphoria   around   here  in Moscow . Many people are
927 1992 SPOK CBS_SunMorn of very loyal people in this community  are  finally  getting  the    kind  of    victory   that   they   've  had coming for decades .
928 1992 SPOK ABC_20/20 harbor deviant sexual fantasies  which  greatly  influence  the    kind  of    violence   they   inflict   on  their victims . To diagnose those
929 2009 ACAD NaturalHist creatures such as whales and seals ,  which  have  just  one    kind  of    visual   pigment   in   their  cone cells and see only shades of
930 1996 SPOK ABC_Primetime going to be in a position to  ever  turn  over  the    kind  of    vital   secret   information   I  suppose the Soviet Union could
931 1996 MAG WashMonth selling point for any measure , was  adamant  about  including  some    kind  of    voluntary   spending   limit   .  To accomplish this without public
932 1994 NEWS Chicago sword fight with anyone , including her  brother  .  "  I    kind  of    want   to   keep   it  low key , " she says .
933 2003 SPOK NPR_TalkNation the restoration and all that other good  stuff  ,  and  I    kind  of    want   to   know   --  I know last year they did some
934 2008 SPOK Fox_Gibson hit her . You know , in  a  way  ,  it    kind  of    want   to   know   ,  do people go to the witness stand
935 2010 SPOK NPR_FreshAir were n't as interested in adopting an  older  kid  .  We    kind  of    wanted   to   adopt   a  younger kid , and there are very
936 2007 SPOK CBS_48Hours : (Voiceover) Andrew Kissel  stood  out  .  Everybody    kind  of    wanted   to   kiss   up  a little bit to Andrew . So
937 2005 MAG PopMech ones for advanced technology to defeat .  My  view  of  the    kind  of    war   we   're   fighting  right now is that the enemy sits
938 1990 SPOK CNN_Crossfire an American . And since that- America  does  n't  fight  those    kind  of    wars   .   We   do  n't fight an aggressive war without some
939 2003 NEWS USAToday We used it for treehouses in the  woods  .  So  I    kind  of    was   privy   to   the  inside conversations about girls . I was
940 2001 SPOK CNN_King KING I know STEWART They like it  very  much  :  What    kind  of    washing   machine   should   you  buy ? Should you buy a front
941 1999 SPOK Ind_NewsForum ... which itself has to be understood  in  a  sign  curve    kind  of    way   .   We   have  had mayors -- you know , Havemeyer
942 1993 FIC Ploughshares her own nose , sucking in her  nostrils  in  that  **25;116;TOOLONG    kind  of    way   .   "   People  and they 's food , " I
943 1996 SPOK NPR_Sunday are going to do before it 's  done  in  a  funny    kind  of    way   ULRICH   Yeah   .  There 's a point on one of
944 2005 SPOK CNN_CapGang the North Koreans as mortal enemies ,  now  see  them  as    kind  of    wayward   cousins   who   need  to be coaxed back into the fold
945 1994 SPOK PBS_Newshour worries me a lot , and the  increased  incidence  of  this    kind  of    weapon   worries   me   a  lot . MR-LEHRER : Congressman
946 2007 SPOK ABC_20/20 (Off-camera) When you were living with  them  under  the  harshest    kind  of    weather   conditions   ,   how  did you hold up ?
948 2007 FIC NewEnglandRev . Bricks and bricks of it .  You  can  understand  the    kind  of    weekend   we   had   ,  ya allah ! " Diro is shaking
949 2003 NEWS Denver . ' An old lady at hip-hop  concerts  bringing  food  is    kind  of    weird   .   But   once  you meet her , you know you
950 1996 SPOK NPR_Morning just coming into my room . She  's  just  upstairs  -    kind  of    weird   .   I   'm  so out of it that half the
951 2000 SPOK NPR_Saturday previous years . And he sailed past  eudaemonic  ,  evincing  a    kind  of    well-being   that   derives   from  a life of activity governed by
952 1995 NEWS WashingtonPost told her she was too pretty for  that  and  things  just    kind  of    went   from   there   .  # Dale , a maintenance man for
953 1999 SPOK NBC_Today , ' I do n't see it  .  '  And  they    kind  of    went   like   this   to  me , ' No , up there
954 2005 SPOK CNN_OnStory to get message out through the blogs  ,  so  that  's    kind  of    what   we   're   seeing  or what I was seeing through the
955 2006 FIC Girls' Life her get away with stuff they should  n't  .  That  's    kind  of    where   I   fall   .  Even though I 'm in her inner
956 1992 MAG Omni making these robots out of junk and  selling  them  that  's    kind  of    where   the   bots   came  from and I worked in a T-shirt
957 1991 ACAD Monist were in motion or flux ... and  having  fallen  into  a    kind  of    whirlpool   themselves   ,   they  are carried round , and want to
958 2002 SPOK CNN_KingWknd of tests in there that give you  some  real  insight  to    kind  of    who   you   are   and  how you got to be there KING
959 1992 SPOK CBS_FaceNation 's turn now to Mr. From .  Your  job  is  to    kind  of    wield   all   of   the  proposals that the governor talked about
960 2007 SPOK CBS_SunMorn day you get to skate ... Ms-HAMILL  :  And  you  just    kind  of    wiggle   from   side   to  side . (Footage-of-Assuras) ASSURAS :
961 1997 MAG SportingNews of acting , " Smith says .  "  He  smiled  and    kind  of    winked   his   eye   at  me . " " Oh , man
962 1996 SPOK NPR_Science strange being is coming from outer space  ,  or  just  plain    kind  of    witchcraft   and   astrology   rather  than serious astronomy . And
963 2009 NEWS USAToday now . # " We 're gratified  that  ...  we  've    kind  of    withstood   it   ,   "  Arkansas Gov . Mike Beebe says .
964 2010 FIC Bk:GoodSonNovel I 'd have to kill you but  she  was  not  the    kind  of    woman   to   be   put  off with that so I said what
965 2005 SPOK CNN_King Sophia Loren in her most startling role  as  Kay  ,  the    kind  of    woman   who   turns   every  man 's head . Tab Hunter as
966 1997 SPOK NPR_Saturday thing that Larry Gelbart is probably best  at  is  a  certain    kind  of    word   play   .   But  when he 's doing his best ,
967 1995 SPOK CBS_Sixty " Dr-KARADZIC : I doubt he could  say  that  --  that    kind  of    words   .   WALLACE   :  Each night , she says , young
968 2003 SPOK NPR_FreshAir 's got a , you know ,  cowboy  hat  on  and    kind  of    work   clothes   ,   and  the fellow says , ' Hi .
969 1991 SPOK ABC_Nightline critical that the director of  Central  Intelligence  create  the    kind  of    working   environment   that   encourages  honest analysis . The
970 2009 MAG MotherJones least 40 years . It 's as  if  there  's  a    kind  of    worldwide   agreement   that   once  people are classified as
971 1991 SPOK PBS_Newshour we have lots of students that can  not  pass  ,  I    kind  of    worry   about   how   we  are able to get those students through
972 1991 SPOK CNN_King tell you , Tony made me very  nervous  when  he  was    kind  of    yelling   back   at   Christine  - or whatever - and he said
973 1997 FIC SouthwestRev a somewhat formal man , simply say  ,  "  How  very    kind  of    you   to   have   thought  of me . " So that we
974 2010 ACAD AmerScholar , " but not just this minute  .  It  's  very    kind  of    you   to   invite   me  , Mr. Ellickson . Maybe later .
975 2008 FIC Analog bathe . " Janelle 's face heated  .  "  It  's    kind  of    you   to   offer   .  But I can manage . " "
976 2009 FIC Bk:SinsLordEasterbrook , sir . Thank you , sir  .  That  is  too    kind  of    you   ,   my   lord  . " # You are an ass
977 2005 MAG AmericanCraft the fused plate . The flow of  softened  glass  produces  a    kind  of    zipper   effect   as   the  adjacent clear or colored glass canes
978 2005 SPOK PBS_Newshour ethnic and religious tensions . You have  the  entire  mind-set  of    kind  of    "   me   against   my  neighbors " that is characteristic of that
979 2007 NEWS AssocPress , it 's developed from something new  and  different  that  is    kind  of    '   Is   it   going  to work ? ' ... to a
980 2006 SPOK PBS_Tavis to me . Hugh Downs , the  predecessor  of  my  role    kind  of    ,   had   a   great  little catch phrase , " Yours truly
981 2006 FIC Read , the opposite-but , um , I  think  she  really  ,    kind  of    ,   loved   you   .  " " I did , " mumbled
982 2008 SPOK NPR_TellMore to do a favor . You know  ,  he  just  ,    kind  of    ,   snapped   and   was  really nasty . And I kindly just
983 2001 SPOK CNN_Politics 270 , what is an anchor going  to  say  ?  We    kind  of    ,   sort   of   think  that George Bush has been reelected ,
984 2008 SPOK NPR_TalkNation is Received Pronunciation , which is ,  sort  of  ,  the    kind  of    ,   the   BBC   English  . But actually ... DIANE : (
985 2005 MAG WashMonth weaselly response that I give most conservatives  .  "  We  're    kind  of    ,   you   know   ,  in the middle.taking on both Sides ,
986 2008 SPOK NPR_Park Anyway , this audio postcard by Ivan  Watson  is  a  -    kind  of    -   exactly   what   the  headline says , an illumination of life
987 2002 SPOK CNN_King the white truck at the gas station  .  Turned  into  a    kind  of    --   almost   a   comedy  of errors . Is anyone optimistic about
988 1999 SPOK Fox_Crier but my gosh , just to be  having  this  conversation  is    kind  of    --   kind   of   shows  where we 're all headed , unfortunately
989 2004 SPOK NPR_FreshAir noirs -- I love " The Chase  ,  "  which  is    kind  of    --   the   1940s   "  The Chase . " It 's really
990 1995 SPOK Ind_Limbaugh they threw the ball into the end  zone  .  It  's    kind  of    --   the   Republicans   can  say , Hey , we 've kept
991 1995 SPOK PBS_Newshour to control the sport . MR-LEHRER :  And  you  think  this    kind  of    --   this   was   the  beginning of that . ROGER-ROSENBLATT : I
992 2003 SPOK NPR_TalkNation CONAN : I 'm sure you 've  read  reports  about  the    kind  of    --   well   ,   let  's not put too fine a point
993 2004 SPOK CBS_Sixty real cause of her brothers death .  (on-camera)  :  Does  this    kind  of    --   whatever   one   might  call it -- silence or even stonewalling
994 2000 SPOK CNN_Crossfire my dad in Chicago -- their grandparents  in  Chicago  --  all    kind  of    --   you   know   ,  it was the hand of God ,
995 2005 SPOK NPR_Saturday off to a very bad start .  WERTHEIMER  :  You  're    kind  of    --   you   talk   about  that as you sort of state the
996 2002 FIC Mov:Adaptation I 'd want to go into it  with  sort  of  open-ended    kind  of    ...   and   also   not  force it into a typical movie form
997 2009 FIC Bk:TourDeForce 'll be next . " # "  Maybe  .  Maurice  is    kind  of    ...   unpredictable   about   casting  . " # " That 's what
998 1999 SPOK NBC_Today That 's OK , I understand .  Ms-WEINSTOCK  :  ...  any    kind  of    ...   (   unintelligible   )  ... OK , solid . So ,
999 2007 SPOK CBS_SatEarly glasses that really do n't even need  prescriptions  ,  they  just    kind  of    ...   RODRIGUEZ   :   Oh  , yeah . WRAGGE : ... buy
1000 2007 SPOK CBS_Early : You 've just won some kind  of  prize  ,  some    kind  of    ...   SMITH   :   Trip  , contest . Ms-WALKER : Any prize