Sample form to generate invoice

Note: if you want an academic license, contact us (admin@english-corpora.org) and we will send you a link for a form that you can actually submit
University Name of Your University
When expires (Date license ends, if you already have a license)
Renewal Yes     No    (already have license?)
Term 1 year     2 years     3 years
Number of users Unlimited     30 users (note)
Method of payment Credit card at PayPal     Wire transfer     AliPay (China only)
Your email address
Send Request for Payment to   (email address, for PayPal payments)
Estimated date of payment   (e.g. 2022-01-16)
Comments (optional)
Information for your university for the invoice (e.g. address, email, tax number)
University Name of your University
Info 1
Info 2
Info 3
Info 4
Info 5
Info 6