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How are users counted?

Universities can obtain a license for 30 users, or an unlimited number of users.
The number of users is the total number of distinct users from the specified IP addresses in during the period of the license.

Example 1 (one year license): suppose you have a 30 person license for one year -- from September 1 through the following August 31. Suppose also that 21 students join the license in September, for a class that runs from September to December. Because 21 of the 30 licenses have already been "used", only 9 more are available for January - August. So if you have another class from January - April with 18 students, you wouldn't have enough licenses for that class.

Example 2 (multi-year license): suppose you have a 30 person license for three years -- from 1 September 2020 through 31 August 2023. When a person tries to join a license, it looks at how many other people have used it during the previous 365 days. So if someone tries to join the license on 21 March 2022 (about 1.5 years after the start of the license), it will look at how many other people have used the license in the preceding 365 days (since 21 March 2021). If there are more than 30 people during those 365 days, the new person would not be able to join the license.

If you do run out of licenses, you will need to purchase an "upgrade" to an unlimited license ($400 for one year), plus a $200 fee to change the license, reinstate any dropped users, etc.

So unless you are very sure that 30 people or less will use the corpora, it is probably best to err on the side of caution and get a license for an unlimited number of users. This is so that 1) you don't run out of licenses and 2) you don't end up paying more for the unlimited license if you eventually have to upgrade to an unlimited license (($395 for 30 users + $400 upgrade + $200 fee to change licenses = $995 total).

Also, please remember that anyone who users the corpora from on campus (or via a proxy server at your university) will be counted, even if they are not actually students or faculty at your university. There is no way for us to know (on our end) which person who connected to the corpora from a computer at your university library is from your university, and who is just a "walk in", unless you control access somehow on your end.