Did you know that it is possible for you and your colleagues or students to receive customized training in the use of the corpora, from the person who created them?

Mark Davies, professor emeritus of linguistics, is the sole creator of most of the corpora at English-Corpora.org, and he has taught workshops on using the corpora at universities throughout the world. These include workshops in the United States, Mainland China (and Hong Kong and Taiwan), Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Germany, England, France, Spain, Greece, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Colombia, and Brazil. This is in addition to 100+ other academic presentations that have been based on the corpora, at many universities throughout the world -- with many of these as an invited "keynote" speaker.

Prof Davies has also taught semester-long classes that are based on the corpora from English-Corpora.org, including English grammar, corpus linguistics, empirical methods in English linguistics, history of American English, and historical linguistics. For these courses, he has developed many activities that guide students through the process of using the corpora to look at frequency, lexical issues (e.g. neologisms and idioms), grammatical structures and morphology, differences between genres, historical changes and dialectal variation, semantically-oriented studies (via collocates, topics, word sketches), and much more.

In addition, because Prof Davies is also the sole creator of the architecture and interface for the corpora, he (probably more than anyone else) is aware of ways to maximize teaching, learning, and research from the corpora, including "tips and tricks" that others may not be aware of. And because he has been the sole "technical support" person for the corpora for more than fifteen years now, he has a great deal of experience (many thousands of emails and other exchanges) in working with people who want to know the best way to find certain types of data.

For onsite training at your university, the cost typically includes travel expenses and a modest honorarium. It is also possible to do the workshops via Zoom (or similar technology), in which case the cost is usually calculated per hour of instruction, plus a flat fee to prepare the content for your specific group.

Please feel free to contact Mark Davies if you are interested (mark.davies@english-corpora.org), or if you have questions about how the workshops can be customized to meet the needs at your university.