Unable to access YouTube in your country?

The following are the training videos for English-Corpora.org, as of July 2023:
Language learning and teaching
Word sketches
Browsing words
Analyze texts
Search history
Customized word lists
Saved words (favorites)
KWIC lines: limiting and sorting
Saved KWIC lines
Analyze KWIC lines
External resources
Virtual Corpora
Examining recent change

There are one or two countries in the world where it is impossible (or at least difficult) to access YouTube. We would like to make the videos from YouTube available to people from these countries as well.

If you are from a country where YouTube is blocked, and if you can upload these videos to a streaming site that is freely available in your country, please contact us (admin@english-corpora.org) so that we can give you copies of the videos to upload to the streaming site.

Thank you.