Training materials (third party)

We have created many training materials for the corpora, such as those listed in the "Guides" section above. We are also finishing a number of videos to accompany these PDF guides, and these will be released between April - June 2023. In addition, the creator of the corpora can provide customized workshops for universities, either virtual or in person.

There have also been many books on English (corpus) linguistics that have provided overviews of the corpora. For example, almost every book on corpora and language learning during the past 10-15 years has focused on the corpora from English-Corpora.org, especially COCA. (Here is just a small sampling: A B C D; and see also the new 2023 book E ).

Previous to March 2023, we had a policy of not including links at English-Corpora.org for online training materials and videos that had been created by others. This page, however, is the first step in listing some of these. There are many such materials -- just google coca overview or search for something similar in YouTube. But rather than having us sift through all of these materials ourselves (actually myself, since almost everything at English-Corpora.org is just the work of just one person), we'll be relying on materials that are suggested to us by others.

As a result, this list will probably grow quite slowly. We will start with just one set of materials, which are quite expansive in nature. Feel free to contact us (admin@english-corpora.org) with other suggestions that you might have.

Name Description Created by Date added
KorPLUS Free online self-learning course with series of interactive videos (1:15 h total) and PDF transcripts Julia Schlüter, Univ Bamberg, Germany March 2023