Mark Davies created these corpora at Brigham Young University (BYU), beginning in 2004. The corpora were available online at corpus.byu.edu, and they were known as the "BYU Corpora".

During this time, people from outside of BYU used the corpora more than any other resource at BYU, and the corpora were cited more in academic publications than any other resource created at BYU.

Starting in 2015, the corpora were targeted (financially and otherwise) by Scott Miller (college dean, assisted by Jared Christensen) in ways that seriously threatened their existence, and university-level administrators refused to help resolve these issues.*

Because of these actions, Mark Davies moved the corpora off-campus to english-corpora.org in 2019, and then Mark left BYU in 2020.

The end result of these changes is that there is no longer any connection between the corpora and BYU. This will help to protect the corpora, and to ensure their long-term availability for researchers, teachers, and students.

And finally, we would kindly request that you no longer refer to the corpora from English-Corpora.org as the "BYU Corpora" in your publications, presentations, and teaching. Thank you.