There is no cost for basic access to the corpora from English-Corpora.org. But you might want to have a premium account, which you can purchase by clicking on one of the links below.

  1 month 1 year 2 years 3 years      Amount  (note on 2024 prices)
New license $14.95 $34.95 $64.95 $89.95      $    

Some of the advantages of a premium license are the following:

Messages Messages every 10-15 searches, asking if you want a license No more messages; uninterrupted searching
Searches (click for explanation) Basic access (per day) With premium license
    # searches 20 200
    # KWIC lines 2000 20,000
Word pages (COCA / iWeb) 20 200
Browsing (COCA / iWeb) 150 1,000
Analyze texts (COCA) 10 searches / 250 words each 100 searches / 5,000 words each
Saved lists # lists (Explanation)
Virtual corpora 5 (per corpus) 1,000
Saved KWIC lines 5 lists / 100 lines (per corpus) 1,000 lists: 20,000 lines
Saved words / phrases 5 1,000
Customized word lists 5 1,000
Search history 20 searches 10,000 searches

In addition, with a premium license:

You help keep the corpora financially viable. The corpora are now accessed by more than 75,000 registered users of the corpora each month, and it takes a lot of money and effort to make them available. The income from premium accounts helps maintain the corpora.

You help those less fortunate. Without the income from premium accounts, we'd probably need to move to a paid license for everyone, like some other corpus sites. Unfortunately, this would probably exclude some lower-income students or teachers at universities in developing countries. The income from your purchase of a premium account helps provide access for those who cannot afford one.

Note that your university can also purchase an academic license, which allows multiple users from your university to have all of the advantages shown above.

Problems with a premium license ("not authenticated" message)?