Most universities can pay for an academic license via a credit card at PayPal. (Note that you do NOT need a PayPal account to do this; you can just use a credit card as a guest user at PayPal). But some universities do not allow payment to be made via credit card -- at PayPal or anywhere else. In these cases, the only other option is to make the payment via wire transfer (unless you're in China, in which case you can use AliPay).

The instructions are different for domestic (originating from within the US) and international wire transfers. Contact us for the (beneficiary) account number and address (if needed) at admin@english-corpora.org.

1. Domestic (within the US)

Routing #: 121000248 (Wells Fargo)
Beneficiary Account: ##########  (English Corpora)

2. International

SWIFT: WFBIUS6S (Wells Fargo)
Beneficiary Account: ##########  (English Corpora)

Notes on payment via wire transfer:

1. If you pay by wire transfer from outside the US, please make sure that you get a copy of the SWIFT receipt.

2. Whereas payment by PayPal is very fast, payment by wire transfer can take several days. The bank notifies us the following morning for payments made before about 5 PM our time. So, for example, if the wire transfer arrives at the bank on October 15 at 6 PM, we may not be notified of the payment until the morning of October 17.

Paying by credit card at PayPal is much better, if you are able to do that. In this case, you may have the academic license up and running 5-10 minutes from now.