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Once every 365 days, users must prove that they are actually at the university that they have selected, in order to be part of the academic license. (Why?)

Note that you can still use the corpus even without being part of the academic license, but there will be some limitations. For example, you will have fewer searches per day, and every 10-15 searches you will be asked if you want to get a premium license (or academic license).

You can prove that you are from the university (i.e. "authenticate") in one of three ways:

  Method Valid for More information
1. Connect from a computer that is physically on campus 365 days This is the preferred method.
2. Connect via a proxy server 365 days You can connect to a proxy server at your university from off-campus, but (to us) it looks like you are on campus. This is something that your library will set up; we are not involved in this at all.
3. Use temporary access provided by a teacher 7 days This option can be used for temporary access; for example, when students are in a remote class (and can't do #1), and when no one has yet set up access via a proxy server (#2 above)

If none of these methods is possible, you can of course just get a premium license for yourself, and not worry about the university-wide academic license. Or, as was mentioned above, you can just use the corpora without any license at all, although there will be some limitations.