Some people get worried if they don't receive the confirmation email, and they might think that the registration process is not working. In virtually all cases, the problem is that their email system is putting the confirmation emails in a Spam or Junk Email folder.

If you have not "received" the email, check below and see if anyone else has confirmed their account in the last hour or two. If there are some entries, then the problem is on your end, and there is nothing that we can do.

In this case, you'll need to either find the messages in your Spam or Junk Mail folder, or use another email account that is not blocking / hiding the messages that are sent to you.

In the last five hours, there have been:

16   registrations (the people filled out the registration form, to have the email sent to them)
14   confirmed registrations (the person received the email, and clicked on link to confirm email account)

The following are the last five registrations that have been confirmed:

Now: 6/23/2024 5:23:08 PM (Utah time)
  registered minutes ago email (partial)
1 6/23/2024 5:17:28 PM 6 bud***@yandex.ru
2 6/23/2024 5:13:20 PM 10 gul***@bk.ru
3 6/23/2024 5:11:03 PM 12 kat***@kuhp.kyoto-u.ac.jp
4 6/23/2024 3:37:59 PM 106 lil***@outlook.de
5 6/23/2024 3:36:44 PM 107 sha***@gmail.com