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The preferred method of payment for an academic license is PayPal.

If the purchase is for $300 or more, you can also pay by wire transfer. Please send the wire transfer to:

Utah Community Credit Union
(801) 223-8188
188 W 5200 N, Provo, UT, 84604
Routing number: 324377820 (ABA)
EIN: 87-0231088
IBAN: 026 009 593
Account name: English Corpora
Account number: xxxxxxx (email us for the account number)

There is an additional $25 charge for using a wire transfer. So if this were a one-year license for an unlimited number of  students, it would be $700 (normal price) + $25 (additional charge) = $725..

Note that payment by PayPal is essentially instantaneous (1-2 minutes at most). Payment by wire transfer, on the other hand, can take several days. The transfer itself usually takes 1-2 business days, and it takes the bank 3-4 days to contact us to let us know that the wire transfer has arrived. So if you pay by wire transfer, it is conceivable that the payment will not be recorded (and the academic license will not become active for corpus users) until 5-7 business days after you send the payment.

Finally, please make sure that somewhere in the wire transfer it includes at email address of the person that we can contact with questions. If there is no indication of who the payment is from, it is extremely difficult to match it up with the correct university.