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Many people upgrade to a premium account or an academic license simply to help keep English-Corpora.org available for hundreds of thousands of users a month. If you are one of these people, thanks. Most of what follows won't apply to you.

Some people, though, upgrade to a premium account in order to have additional queries each day -- 400 for professors and graduate students, and 200 for all other users. In addition, some universities obtain an academic site license so that they won't be limited to 250 queries a day for a given class. What follows applies to both of these groups of people.

When you obtain an academic license for your university, or when you upgrade to a premium account to have increased access to the corpora, you agree that:

1. You will not set up multiple "ghost" or "bot" accounts, which are actually for the same user.

2. You will not run automated queries on the corpora (i.e. a program that runs unattended, to scrape large amounts of corpus data).

(See an example of where both conditions have been violated, and where the account was terminated)

By the way, if you do need large amounts of offline data, you might want to just get that from the word frequency, collocates, n-grams, or especially the full-text data.