This list of researchers includes 15,228 people who have "registered" as "researchers" i.e. professors and graduate students in language and linguistics. (Note that the vast majority of actual researchers are probably still not categorized as such, since it's not obligatory to do so.) Those classified as "researchers" are in addition to the 130,000+ other people who use the corpora each month for teaching, learning, and personal interest.



The drop-down list of countries shows four numbers for each country (e.g. 945 | 624 | 195 | 32). In order, they are:

  • registered users from that country (e.g. 945)

  • unique users in the past year (e.g. 624)

  • unique users in the past month (e.g. 195)

  • users who are categorized as researcher, i.e. professor or graduate student in languages or linguistics (e.g. 32)

After you select a country, the results list again shows the number of people who match the search criteria for that country -- ALL registered users, users who have used the corpora in the last YEAR and the past MONTH, and by those who are verified as RESEARCHERS. For researchers, it shows their university and their country (although some of these still need to be corrected), and which corpora they have used during the past 2-3 months. You can also click on their name to see their personal web page.


You can search the list of researchers by country and/or by keyword. Keywords search the short 1-2 sentence personal profile, researcher (first or last) name, and their university. The vast majority of registered users are not yet verified as researchers. If you search for them (e.g. someone with the last name Anderson), they will show up in the overall count (if they are a registered user), but their individual entry will not be listed, since they are not (yet) verified a researcher.