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Academic license: Forms

1. Purchase orders: Sorry, we do not accept purchase orders.

2. Vendor agreements: We can fill out vendor forms (registering as a vendor for your university or university), but there will be a $100 surcharge for this. In addition, it may delay things by several working days.

3. Invoices: we would be happy to send you an invoice (before or after purchase), without any additional charges.

4. Other university forms are typically $50-100 each, depending on how long it takes to fill out, scan, and return the form. We'll include that information on the invoice, if applicable. Very few universities require additional forms, however.

5. W-9: Because all payments are made to / through BYU (rather than to an individual), there is no need for a W-9.

The bottom line is that things work the best if your university 1) can pay via credit card at CashNet (rather than via wire transfer) and 2) doesn't require us to fill out a lot of forms. This is how things work for 90-95% of all academic licenses. In this case, you can have the academic license up and running in less than two minutes from right now. Please check (again) with your university, if they insist that all of these forms are really necessary.