To be approved for Researcher or Semi-Researcher status, you must provide the address for a web page that verifies your status. Please remember that even if you aren't approved as Researcher or Semi-Researcher, you can still still use the corpora -- just at a lower level of access (Level #1 here).

The web page that you specify must meet the following conditions.

1. The web page must show your name on that exact page that you specify. If it is the home page for a university, it will NOT list your name. Go to the web page that you have specified, and look for your name on that EXACT page. If you don't see your name there, then we can't either.

2. For Researcher status, the web page must be from a university -- not Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

3. The web page must be publicly-accessible. Don't use a web page that requires users to log in to see it.

4. If the web page is not in Western script (i.e. if it is in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Arabic), please include your name written in the other script, in the "Profile" box of the registration form. This will allow us to search for your name on the web page.

Please note that 15-20 people each day register for Researcher or Semi-Researcher status, and about half of these do not meet the conditions shown above (especially #1). In these cases, the higher User Level is denied. Please help us by only requesting Researcher or Semi-Researcher status if you know that the web page meets conditions #1-4. Otherwise, it will waste both your time and ours.