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Level Explanation Queries per day KWIC entries per day
3 Researcher 200 15,000
  Professor or graduate student at a university, in the field of language or linguistics
2 Semi-researcher 100 10,000
  Professors who are not in languages or linguistics, and non-university language teachers
1 Non-researcher 50 5,000
  Everyone else, including undergraduate students and all graduate students who are not in languages or linguistics

Please select the correct level on the registration page. There is no need to pretend that your use is something that it is not. Even if you are [Level 1], you will still have 50 queries per day (1,500 per month), which is more than enough for most people. And we manually approve requests for Level 2 or Level 3 status.

If you really want/need Level 3 access (even though you're a non-researcher), you can upgrade via a premium account.

Requirements for Level 3 access. Note that all such registrations are approved manually. If it does not comply with all four requirements, you will be assigned Level 1 access (which again, is more than enough for most people).

Bottom line -- please don't waste your time (and ours) asking for Level 3 access, unless you meet these requirements.

    Acceptable Not acceptable
1 Category Faculty or graduate student in language or linguistics
(Note that faculty in other fields (e.g. the sciences) can have Level 2 access)
- Graduate student in another field (e.g. the sciences)
- Undergraduate student
2 Email address From a university or college email account, such as JohnDoe@myUniv.edu or Mary.Smith@myUniv.ac.sg From any other email account (e.g. Gmail, web.de, or qq.com)
3 Web page 1. The web page has your name on it
2. The web page is publicly-accessible
- For example, the university home page (since your name won't be on it)
- Any web page that others would have to log in to see
4 Profile / information field Something meaningful, since this information shows up on the researchers page. - Leaving the field blank
- Entering something like "blah blah blah"