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The NOW corpus (News on the Web) contains 9.0 billion words of data from web-based newspapers and magazines from 2010 to the present time. More importantly, the corpus grows by about 140-160 million words of data each month (from about 300,000 new articles), or about 1.8 billion words each year.

While other resources like Google Trends show you what people are searching for, the NOW Corpus is the only structured corpus that shows you what is actually happening in the language -- virtually right up to the present time. For example, see the frequency of words since 2010, as well as new words and phrases from the last few years.

Click on any of the links in the search form to the left (such as List or Chart) for context-sensitive help, and to see the range of queries that the corpus offers. You might pay special attention to the comparisons between dates and countries and the new virtual corpora, which allow you to create personalized collections of texts based on (sub-)register, website, and even words in the web pages .

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