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Joining a license (for users)

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Questions: admin@english-corpora.org


Join license: by password

NOTE: Before joining the academic license (via password), you must first log in to one of the corpora (ANY of the corpora, e.g. COCA or iWeb) with your individual email and password. Even though you will be using the "group account", there still needs to be a way to track who has done individual queries, so that you can link to and re-use past queries (using "history", after logging in).

You can tell that you are logged in when the "person" icon in the upper right-hand corner changes from yellow  to green (or red, if it's not recognizing you as part of the academic license). In addition, on the SEARCH page, the message will change to .

Please make sure you are actually first logged in to your individual account before you report any problems to us.

Note: this only has to be done once. When you come back on subsequent days, you will already be part of the license.

 1.  If you haven't yet selected your university, do so via:


 2.   Once you have selected your university, you will then see the following, where the name of your university, as well as the city and country of the university will be displayed in the green field.

Institution    Your University (City, Country)
Status / license Your university has an academic license.  Join license
  Please enter the password for this academic license for your university. Once you have joined the license, you won't be bothered with the messages that appear every 10-15 queries (asking you if you want a premium license), and you will have 200 searches per day (400 for faculty).


 3.  Simply enter the group password and click "Submit". Contact the administrator for the license if you don't know what it is. Please note that the password has to be exactly the same -- even case sensitivity (e.g. ourPassword vs OurPassword vs ourpassword).

Once you have done steps #1 through #4 (and remember that you only have to do this once), you will then be using the academic license. You can make sure that you really are using the license, because you will see the following message after logging in:

Institution    Your University (City, Country)
Status / license    You are logged in as part of the academic license for your university, which will expire on [expiration date]