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Problems with academic license (for end users)

1. Check on this page to see if it recognizes your IP address as belonging to the academic license. It should show the following in green:

You are a member of the academic license for [Name of Your University ], and this license expires in [ ... ] days.

If it doesn't, then 1) you're not on campus AND 2) the administrator for the academic license has not yet set up proxy access, OR 3) the administrator has not entered the right IP addresses for your university. You will need to contact the administrator of the license at your university to fix #2 or #3 -- we can't change that from our end.

2. As you use the corpora, if you see any messages asking you to upgrade to a premium account, or saying that your class has done too many queries, then check again to see if somehow it's not recognizing your IP address. If that's still OK, then your session may have "timed out" after half an hour of inactivity. Go back to the portal page, click on a corpus, and start over (including logging in).

3. If you see a message that you've done too many queries, even after successfully logging in to the academic license, please have your teacher visit this page, and then send the requested information to us.