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Joining a license (for end users, not corpus administrators)

1. Important: From the profile page ( after logging in to any corpus), make sure you have selected the university whose license you want to join. For example:

Institution Your University Name Here (City, Country)   (change)

Click on (Change) to change to your university, if necessary. The important point is that you cannot join the license for University X if you have not first selected University X. You only have to do this once.

2. Check on this page to see if it recognizes your IP address as belonging to the academic license. It should show the following in green:

You are a member of the academic license for [Name of Your University ], and this license expires in [ ... ] days.

If it doesn't, then 1) you're not on campus AND 2) the administrator for the academic license has not yet set up proxy access, OR 3) the administrator has not entered the right IP addresses for your university. You will need to contact the administrator of the license at your university to fix #2 or #3 -- we can't change that from our end.

3. If #1-2 are OK, when you log in and look at your profile (), you should see a message that says the following (followed the date on which the license ends).

Status / License You are part of the academic license for your university, which will expire on...

In addition, the "person icon" () will turn to green, and it will say  +AUTHENTICATION  on the main search page.

IMPORTANT: Please remember that you will need to authenticate that you are from your university, by logging on from on campus or via a proxy server at your university, once every 365 days.